Viz Ardome 4.11

Viz Ardome 4.11 is a minor release.

New Options and Upgrades


  • Viz Ardome Third party API 4.12
  • Viz Capture 4.6
  • Avid Assistant 1.1
  • Viz Dart3 7.0
  • Easycut 4.10
  • Logger 4.8
  • Importer 1.5
  • Precut 4.11
  • Viz Xlator 2.2

Key Features and Fixed Issues

Asset and Metadata Management

  • Support for a datepicker component in AGLs

  • Ability to store AGL forms locally on disk and use as template

  • Ability to drag-and-drop text from Windows clipboard to AGL components

  • Possibility to post EDLs, Programs, SubPrograms, Items, and SubItems to baskets

  • Enhancements to storyboard view

Media Management

  • PAL to Square pixels recalculation based on aspect ratio when creating a still image in Precut or Easycut


  • Back-to-back ingest support with Omneon video servers through Viz Xlator

  • Extensions to fileimport workflow for foreign file formats including extensive header metadata extraction and stored as technical metadata in the subitem, and Flip Factory support

  • Importer

    • XDCAM ingest using Group or EditList XMLs
    • GFCAM support source view
    • Linearization support which means to ensure that media has continous timecodes before uploading

NLE Integration

  • AVC/Intra and XDCAM HD support in Final Cut Pro integration, requires Quick Time reader plug-in that can read MXF files
  • AVC/Intra and XDCAM HD support in Avid integration

Newsroom Integration

  • Support to dynamically (through MOS updates) assign rundown to control rooms