Viz One 5.2

Viz One 5.2 is a minor release.

New Features

We are proud to release the latest version of the Vizrt Media Asset Management system - Viz One Video Production Package 5.2. This new release, contains several new features, most notably, integration with Vizrt Graphics and Avid NLEs.

Integration with Vizrt Graphics enables powerful workflows in either Viz Trio or Viz Pilot using media directly from Viz One. Based on existing integrations, we now provide both a familiar and powerful workflow using Viz One and Vizrt Graphics.

Integration with Avid NLE and Avid Interplay allows assets to be sent to and from Avid NLEs. In particular, this allows starting out with a proxy-based rough-cut in one of our proxy tools, on almost any desktop, and seamlessly transferring that timeline to an Avid NLE, for continued editing. Once the final version is complete, the flattened content can be posted back to Viz One. This integration supports interactions with both standalone NLEs as well as with larger Avid Interplay installations.

Additional High-level Features

Browser-based video playback and editing in the main user-interface of Viz One - Studio. This provides a very quick and light-weight preview and basic re-purposing workflow.

Camera Ingest allows media in compatible formats, available to a Windows-based PC, running our Camera Ingest Tool, to be imported from any media available to the PC, such as; attached cameras, camera cards, network attached storages (NAS) or local hard drives. Supports both Panasonic P2 and Sony XDCam HD cameras.

Integration with Omneon Video Servers allow tape or feed-ingest from a number of different Omneon Video Servers.

Support for Oracle Databases allow using Oracle Databases as the main database server. This support is in addition to the normally supported IBM DB2 databases.

Document attachment allows users to upload documents to an existing media asset in either PDF or Word formats. This is useful for production workflows where a users need to store scripts or any other common document files with an asset.

Supported File Formats

The following formats can be imported and are supported in Viz One 5.2:


DV100 / DVCProHD

    wrapped in MXF-Op1a or DIF

    1080i50/59.94 and 720p50/59.94


    wrapped in MXF-Op1a

    1080i50/59.94 and 720p50/59.94

XDCamHD 50Mbps 4:2:2

    wrapped in MXF-Op1a



    wrapped in MXF-Op1a


SD - All formats support both PAL and NTSC


    wrapped in MXF-Op1a


    wrapped in MXF-Op1a or DIF

DVCPro 25

    wrapped in MXF-Op1a or DIF

DVCPro 50

    wrapped in MXF-Op1a or DIF

Foreign Clips - Clips which can be imported, searched, and played out, but not viewed or edited: 

    QT - Animation in MOV

    MPEG4224 (Matrox proprietary) in AVI

Installation Notes

Viz One is installed by trained Vizrt staff. For a quote, please contact Vizrt Sales.  


For more information such as Viz One White Paper and Solution Overview for Viz One Video Production Package, please contact Vizrt Sales.

For a tour of the Studio, the search and management interface for Viz One, watch the video presenting main features on the Viz One product page.