Viz One 5.3

Viz One 5.3 is a minor release.

New Features

We are proud to release the latest version of the Vizrt Media Asset Management system - Viz One Video Production Package 5.3.

This release contains several new features, most notably, the Released API and our completely new Logger application.

The following new features have been added to Viz One since version 5.2.0:


  • Released API - New set of long-term stable APIs that are specifically intended for allowing customers and third-parties to build new integrations or custom workflows with. The API comes with a quick start guide and full documentation.
  • Logger Application - New and easy-to-use tool for adding compliance notes, edit notes, restrictions, highlights, QC notes and any other time-based metadata to your assets. The logs are searchable - to help you find the right assets in your archive for your story. Logs can also be carried over to the NLE environment - further assisting you in your editing.
  • Playlists and Rundowns - New components to continuously synchronize playlists from a BTS or rundowns from an NRCS - such as ENPS via a MOS-gateway. This enables an efficient News Workflow where stories are made and associated directly in Viz One, as well as, automatic staging of media to your control room or playout servers.

Additional High-level Features

  • Still Format Metadata Extraction - Embedded metadata can now be extracted from a number of formats such as IPTC. The metadata is mapped into our standardized metadata templates using the system defined mapping configuration.
  • Application and Media Redundancy - Better handling of hardware failures as well as improved availability of configured media types.
  • Collections - New tool for organizing, gathering and sharing assets. Collections can also be grouped to create hierarchies as Series, Seasons and Episodes.

Supported File Formats

The following formats can be imported and are supported in Viz One 5.3.0:


DV100 / DVCProHD

    wrapped in MXF-Op1a or DIF

    1080i50/59.94 and 720p50/59.94


    wrapped in MXF-Op1a

    1080i50/59.94 and 720p50/59.94

XDCamHD 50Mbps 4:2:2

    wrapped in MXF-Op1a



    wrapped in MXF-Op1a


SD - All formats support both PAL and NTSC


    wrapped in MXF-Op1a


    wrapped in MXF-Op1a or DIF

DVCPro 25

    wrapped in MXF-Op1a or DIF

DVCPro 50

    wrapped in MXF-Op1a or DIF

Foreign Clips - Clips which can be imported, searched, and played out, but not viewed or edited: 

    QT - Animation in MOV

    MPEG4224 (Matrox proprietary) in AVI

Installation Notes

Viz One is installed by trained Vizrt staff. For a quote, please contact Vizrt Sales.  

More Information

For more information such as Viz One White Paper and Solution Overview for Viz One Video Production Package, please contact Vizrt Sales.

For a tour of the Studio, the search and management interface for Viz One, watch the video presenting main features on the Viz One product page.