Graphics Plugin Plug-in 1.3.4

Graphics Plugin Plug-in version 1.3.4 is a maintenance release that fixes integration issues related to the Quantel NLE system.

For installations on other systems we recommend version 1.5 for Avid users and 1.0 for Final Cut users.

Fixed Issues

  • Blending of transparent graphics in Quantel - Fixed a blending problem seen in some scenes by introducing alpha premultiplying. This changes how the alpha channel (key) affects the RGB values for transparent graphics. This fixes several blending issues, but will also cause all transparent graphics to become a bit darker. Users that require the old behavior can add "plugin.premultiply-alpha=false" to the vizplugin.ini file.
  • Socket-related fixes - Fixed internal errors related to TCP/IP socket communication, and improved the robustness of socket error handling. Symptoms could include unresponsiveness and very long rendering times due to connections being dropped and timing out while rendering.
  • Aspect errors in Quantel - Fixed aspect ratio problems for Quantel system users that do not use 4:3 aspect.
  • Timeline duration errors in Quantel - Fixed an error where the duration shown in the Quantel timeline would not always match the duration set in the Graphics Plugin effect, and an error which could cause the duration to not show up at all in the timeline.

Important Notes

There are no known upgrade issues from version 1.2.3 or 1.3.x, existing installations should therefore be able to upgrade without updating inifiles. We recommend uninstalling existing plugins before installing version 1.3.

For full details, installation notes and known issues list, read Graphics Plugin 1.3.4 for Quantel Release Notes.htm .

See the VizNLE_Win1.3_Mac1.0_AdministratorsGuide.pdf for usage and installation information.

Download version from the ftp: /VizNLE/LatestVersion/