Viz Weather 2.2.1

Viz Weather 2.2.1 is a minor release that includes several fixes to the previous release.

Main Fixes


  • Replacing the Yahoo service for adding points as the previous one was closed. This means that this option is not working any more in all previous versions of the Viz Weather.
  • Aligning all the relevant plugins and applications with the same VBN library. (Please note the matching VBN tools installation VbnTools_2.0.0.6742.exe which is also on the FTP in the Viz Weather folder.)
  • Easier installation with regard to some of the Viz plugins (no need for manual copy).
  • Better support in UTF-8 while exporting and importing points to a CSV file.

A full list of the changes can be found in the Viz Weather 2.2.1 Release Notes .

There are no compatibility issues between this version and the previous one. Anyone running now Viz Weather 2.2 can install this version (in the keep configuration option) and the upgrade should be fully smooth. Any new installation of the Viz Weather should use this version. About upgrade from previous version, please read the release notes of the previous versions, or consult the Viz Weather team.

The updated files are on the FTP under

products/VizWeather/Latest Individual Installers/Installers


Viz Weather Tutorial 2.2


Viz Weather Tutorial 2.2 is an updated tutorial package covering the new way of building scenes for the Viz Weather by using the Control Weather (=CW) plugins. The CW plugins were introduced in the 2.2 version of the Viz Weather, and below is a short description from the attached release notes.

A new set of CW (Control Weather) plugin was added. This set of plugins simplifies the design work of a Viz Weather scene, and replacing the WInterface and WeatherExport plugins. Each one of the CW plugins includes a mini wizard functionality that will create the minimum required containers hierarchy and the relevant plugins. Scenes using the CW plugins perform better in terms of memory usage and initialization time. Playlist optimization in future versions will be implemented with the CW plugins and therefore using them is the recommended way for building new scenes or converting old scenes to use CW plugins (There is a short training clip on the CW plugins in Vizrt web site).

Click here for a short clip introducing the CW plugins.

The old way of using the W Interface plugin is still fully supported, but not the older one of using the Weather Export plugin.

The files of the tutorial can be found on the FTP under

products/vizrt documentation/VizWeather/Tutorial 2.2