Viz Curious Maps 10.0

Version 10.0 of Viz Curious Maps (CM) standalone, Client (CMC) and Server (CMS) is a major release which also includes a new Bartholomew database, many new features and bug fixes. Upgrade is recommended for new users and users who require the new features and/or fixes.

New CM features:

  • New installers.
  • New map database based on data from Collins Bartholomew.
  • Added the option of showing map lengends.
  • Added support for importing 2D features from KML/KMZ files.
  • Added support for global font style changes.
  • Added edge softness tool for satellite imagery.
  • Added support for setting a default projection for all new map layers.
  • and more ...

New CMC features:

  • New map database.
  • New Map builder wizard for map scenes.
  • Enhanced camera animations
  • Added support for reading KML files using the Viz Curious Maps Editor.
  • Added support for color correction for pyramid levels.
  • Added support for drop shadow effects on labels.
  • Added support for terrain tiling and vector data on terrain.
  • Added symbol manager to Viz Curious Maps Editor
  • Added possibility for adding shapes using the Viz Curious Maps Editor.
  • Improved navigation in Viz Curious Maps Editor and Viz Curious Maps.
  • and more ...

Known Issues:

  • Microsoft Bird’s Eye imagery is currently not available, hopefully it will become available in next version but it will not be free anymore.
  • When using Viz Curious Maps it is recommended to update to the latest version of Apple QuickTime.

Installation notes:

Viz Curious Maps installers are now united in 2 installers: Viz Curious Maps Data - Contains the Bartholomew database. Viz Curious Maps Software - Contains updates for all of Curious Standalone applications.

For full details, read the  Viz Curious Maps 10.0 Release Notes.htm and  Viz Curious Maps Client and Server 10.0 Release Notes.htm release notes.

Download installers and documentation from the FTP:

  • Installer - /products/VizCuriousMaps/
  • Documentation - /products/Vizrt Documentation/VizCuriousMaps/
Client and Server:
  • Installer - /products/VizCuriousMapsAndServer/
  • Documentation - /products/Vizrt Documentation/VizCuriousMapsAndServer/