Viz Weather 2.3

Viz Weather 2.3 is a minor release that includes several new features and improvements as well as fixes to many known issues from previously released versions.

This release includes new features, improvements, and fixed issues.

The upgrade from the previous version 2.2 is simple, but still a porting step of the configuration is required (see more details in the full release notes). Upgrades from previous versions are more complicated so please consult Vizrt before doing it.

New Features

  • Points 2 Grid - It is possible by using (spatial) interpolation to convert a set of weather points to grid data which can be displayed in the usual way with the IsoGrid plugin.
  • REST Server - A new application functioning as a REST server of the Viz Weather points data. The protocol supported is according to the VDF (Viz Data Format).
  • NOAA USA Alerts - A new application was added for fetching the USA alerts data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).
  • Filter Editor - A new editor was added to filter dynamically points data according to some criteria. A typical example will be display all the alerts of type heavy snow. Many more filter options will be available in later releases of the Viz Weather.
  • GUI Issues - All the setting windows are reorganized and improved. Changes in the settings can be pushed / published to all Viz Weather applications and can be updated without restarting them.

Fixed Issues

See the Viz Weather 2.3 Release Notes .

Installation Files, Notes and Documentation