Media Sequencer 1.22.1

Media Sequencer 1.22.1 is a maintenance release. It is recommended as an update for control applications that require this version of the Media Sequencer.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed available status for Viz One clips when using profiles with a MVCP video channels.
  • Fixed a bug where scheduling periodic tasks the last day before entering daylight saving time (DST) would cause a delay of 24 hours. After this delay tasks would resume as normal.
  • Fixed empty unit_status fields mark_in/mark_out for the mvcp_server handler, these are now properly set for the current clip.
  • Fixed an instability in the carousel handler that could crash the Media Sequencer when removing carousel items.
  • Clip status updates from Viz Engine 3.5.2 does not work with Media Sequencer 1.22 or earlier releases unless you change the setting in Configuration file. See more detail described in the release note, section “Known issues”.

Installation Files, Notes and Documentation

  • This version is compatible with the latest releases of Viz Pilot and Viz Trio.
  • Download installation files from the ftp in /products/VizMediaSequencerEngine/LatestVersion folder.