Viz Pilot 5.6

Viz Pilot 5.6 is a minor release with new features and bug fixes.

It is recommended as an update to all previous 5.x installations, as well as for new installations.

Viz Pilot version 5.6 is mainly about Viz One integration which now supports searching for and adding clips to templates and directly to your playlist.

Viz Pilot New Features:

Newsroom Component

  • The Timeline Editor will now work on systems with no audio hardware/driver
  • The Newsroom Component’s preview will now adhere to any custom aspect ratio defined in your scene.

Viz Pilot client

  • Search for and add Media from your Viz One to your template and playlist.
  • A Viz One connection for the Media Sequencer can now be configured through the External Interfaces.

Note: For a complete overview of new features, please see the release notes.

Important Installation Notes

  • The release of Viz Pilot 5.6 also includes a minor release of Media Sequencer (version 1.22)

This release has been tested to work with:

  • Viz Pilot DBA 1.2
  • Viz Engine 2.8 and 3.5.1
  • Media Sequencer 1.22
  • Viz Multiplexer 1.4

Upgrading to 5.6 requires an update of the database schema using theViz PilotDatabase Administrator (VCP DBA). The upgrade scripts are supplied with the installation package.

Note: Upgrading from aViz Pilotversion below 5.x requires a major update of the database structure and therefore recommended to be performed in coordination with Vizrt support

Installation Files, Notes and Documentation