Viz World 12.0.1

Version 12.0.1 of Viz World Client and Server is a maintenance release. Installation is recommended for new users and users who want to upgrade using the new database and other new features.

Viz World 12.0.1 is a maintenance release of recently released Viz World 12.0 . Users of Viz World 12.0 should upgrade to this version as it fixes an important installation issue. This version includes installation files for client and server only (not Viz Curious Maps).

Functionality Removed or Changed

  • Viz World now supports Digital Globe's First Look support for date selection for events

Fixed Issues

  • Missing dlls no longer cause Map Builder to crash when trying to select a map.

  • No longer crashes when using Atlas with CMR files.

  • .NET Framework 4 or later is no longer needed ( Apart from Map Builder ).

Important Notes

For full details, read the Viz World Client 12.0.1 Release Notes .

For documentation, see our online documentation for Viz World and Viz Curious Maps. For tutorial videos, see our tutorial section.

Download installers from the FTP:

  • Installers
    • /products/VizCuriousMaps/
    • /products/VizWorldServerAndClient/
  • Documentation
    • /products/Vizrt Documentation/VizCuriousMaps/
    • /products/Vizrt Documentation/VizWorldServerAndClient/