Viz Artist and Viz Engine 3.5.1

We are pleased to announce the release of Viz Artist / Viz Engine 3.5.1. This release is a maintenance release and is recommended for users upgrading from Viz Engine and/or Viz Artist 3.x and for new installations.


  • Full support for DVS Atomix (successor of DVS Centaurus 2).

  • Full support for Bluefish444 Supernova.

  • NLE with DirectShow clips embedded in graphics.

  • Ringing filter for HD.

  • NVIDIA SDI output together with Matrox input now has 3 frames delay again.

  • Export of audio clips are now fully supported.

  • Improved / extended command feedback for clip player.

  • Updated licenses for input and clip channels no longer requires a restart of the application.

  • Directly deploy database elements to another server.

Fixed Issues

  • Viz Engine no longer freezes or plays noise when switching scenes while MP3 audio clips are playing

  • Installing Viz Engine 3.5 over older installations that use plugins with old names is no longer a problem. Installing a new version without removing a previous one from the same installation folder is still not recommended.

  • Several snapshot and post rendering fixes.

  • Several video wall fixes.

  • The scene tree not longer freezes while dragging an object from the server view.

  • Extended command feedback for clip player.

  • Export of audio clips.

  • Blue and green switched for the material color property in scripts. Old scenes will behave the same way for compatibility. New scenes will behave correctly.

  • Image combining set to Multi Texturing no longer sporadically produce different results than the Software mode.

  • Alpha channel is no longer ignored for QuickTime post rendering with Avid DNxHD codec and enabled DNxHD alpha.

  • Sporadic field dominance issue with DVS video cards.

Important Notes

  • When using a Matrox video card, uninstall old drivers before installing driver, and only install the driver from a local disk. The driver is available from here.

  • When using the X.Rio card, also install the patch from here.

Installation Files, Notes and Documentation