Viz Engine and Viz Artist 3.5

We are pleased to announce the release of Viz Artist / Viz Engine 3.5.

It is strongly recommended for users upgrading from Viz Engine and/or Viz Artist 3.x and for new installations.

New Features

  • Centering of visible containers with the middle mouse button (20193)
  • Added support for NVidia Quadro 2000 and 600
  • Optionally switch to pass-through mode when the renderer is cleared (set configuration flag video_loopthrough_reactivation to 1)
  • Photoshop import maintains layer positions by default now. In order to crop the layers during import (old behavior), set the configuration flag ImageLayerImportStyle to 0.
  • Make clip channels start synchronously in stereo 3D setup with Matrox clip player (21847)
  • QuickTime H.264 post rendering
  • Allow turning off shared memory updates for invisible inactive scenes (SharedMemoryUpdatesToInactiveScenes)
  • Updated DVS Centaurus II driver to to support Windows 7/64
  • Refresh button in scene tree
  • Removed one database session to allow more engines to connect to the Graphic Hub
  • Allow RGBA playback with the DirectShow clip player
  • By default, the 64bit mode for archives is activated in order to support archives larger than 4GB
  • Made HDR rendering up to 20% faster
  • Reduced the maximum number of database sessions for Viz Artist from 4 to 2, and for the Engine from 4 to 1. This multiplies the number of Engines that can be connected to a Graphic Hub at the same time.
  • Image operations are up to 4 times as fast
  • Support for NVidia SDI capture card
  • Support for embedded audio via NVidia SDI option


Fixed Issues

  • RGB_AAA post render mode was not supported (21008)
  • RfxSmoke textures disappeared when key image was in use (21374)
  • Dynamic scenes not always updated with NLE (21016)
  • TextFXAlpha settings were not imported correctly from 2.x archives (21769)
  • 2DRibbon settings not imported correctly from 2.x archives (21808)
  • Updated the hardlock dongle driver to version 5.90, because of potential malfunction on 6-core machines during the driver installation with the previous driver
  • When a merged geometry was replaced, the new director was not under the previous parent director anymore (21823)
  • 8 channel audio clip was playing too fast on Windows 7
  • Updated configuration examples for Dual Channel and Stereo 3D (default renderer was not created before)
  • HDR rendering did not work with text geometry
  • Fixed time measurement for log output
  • Peers were not always removed from multiplexer sessions when a client was disconnected (NLE stability)


Important Notes

For full details, please see the Downloads section for all related release notes

Download the latest version from the FTP in /products/VizEngine3x/Latest Individual Installers