Viz World and Viz Curious Maps 11.1

Version 11.1 of Viz Curious Maps standalone, Viz World Client and Server is a minor release. Upgrade is recommended for new users and users who require the new features and/or fixes.

Viz World 11.1 introduces new features related to connectivity, storytelling and imagery availability.

New Features

  • The DigitalGlobe Online option allows direct access to global high resolution imagery from DIgitalGlobe
  • New map-based telestration plugin allows highlighting and drawing on maps, especially in an on screen, interactive workflow
  • New on screen navigation capabilities that supports both single and multi-touch screen
  • REST support in Viz World Server enables easy access to the map resources from external applications
  • and more ...

Important Notes

For full details, read the Viz World Client 11.1 Release Notes and Viz Curious Maps 11.1 Release Notes .

For documentation, see our online documentation for Viz World and Viz Curious Maps. For more tutorial videos, see our tutorial section.

Download installers from the FTP:

  • Installers
    • /products/VizCuriousMaps/
    • /products/VizWorldServerAndClient/
  • Documentation
    • /products/Vizrt Documentation/VizCuriousMaps/
    • /products/Vizrt Documentation/VizWorldServerAndClient/