Viz Pilot 5.4.0

Viz Pilot 5.4.0 is a minor release with some new features, and bug fixes.

It is recommended as an update to all previous 5.x installations, as well as for new installations.

Viz Pilot New Features: 

  • New Profile Configuration supporting channels with multiple outputs (see How to use the Profile Configurator).
  • New Update Service script editor (see How to use the Update Script service)in the Template Wizard that lets the user create scripts for updating data before it is sent to air. This mechanism works without an openViz Pilotclient, and is meant to replace the old "Live Update" which needs a runningViz Pilotclient. 3rd parties can also write their own update service that templates can link to. See the documentation for details.
  • Searching for images and videos is now using the same GUI in bothViz Pilotand the Newsroom Component.
  • New Loaded status column in the playlist that displays the loaded status of the scene and images used for a data element.
  • New Available status column for external resources needed by the Viz Engine (Progress channel renamed).

Media Sequencer New Features

  • When a playlist is activated in a profile, the Media Sequencer Engine will now calculate its resource dependencies and annotate each element with two attributes; "available" and "loaded". These attributes indicate what kind of a delay is to be expected when playing out the element. Please refer to the manual for more details.
  • A new mechanism named 'Live Update' has been added to the Media Sequencer (uses the new Update Service released withViz Pilot5.4). This makes it easy to design server side systems updating element data at playout time. Some clients (eg VCP) have the ability to flag templates to run under the Live Update mechanism. The templates will also be given the URL of a Live Update server, and which action the Live Update should be associated with (read/update/take). Further information is in the Media Sequencer manual.
  • A new REST API is introduced in this version that allows creation of playlists and trigging of elements.
  • Forked execution is now added as standard functionality for Viz Pilot 5.4.

Important installation notes

This release has been tested to work with:

  • Viz Pilot DBA 1.2
  • Viz Engine 2.8 and 3.2
  • Media Sequencer 1.20
  • Viz Multiplexer 1.4

Upgrading to 5.4.0 requires an update of the database schema using theViz PilotDatabase Administrator (VCP DBA). The upgrade scripts are supplied with the installation package.

Note: Upgrading from aViz Pilotversion below 5.x requires a major update of the database structure and therefore recommended to be performed in coordination with Vizrt support

For full details, installation notes and known issues, read the Viz Pilot 5.4. Release Notes.htm , and the Media Sequencer Release Notes.html .

See the respective user guides for usage information.

Download installation files from the ftp in /products/VizContentPilot/LatestVersion folder.