Viz Engine and Viz Artist 3.3.0

Viz Engine and Viz Artist version 3.3.0 is a minor release.

It is strongly recommended for users upgrading from Viz Engine and/or Viz Artist 3.x and for new installations.

New Features

  • Stereo 3D rendering and post rendering
  • Support for X.Mio2 44 board (4 video inputs)
  • Support for Matrox DSX LE2/CG
  • Support for Harris Altitude video card
  • Multi GPU support (for Trio One box and Dual Channel)
  • Support for special editions (half and quarter editions)
  • Faster clip playback on Matrox boards
  • Apple ProRes 422 playback support in conjunction with a Matrox X.mio2 8500 video card
  • Multi zone chroma keyer
  • Chroma keyer data can be stored in a Graphic Hub 2.2 database
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range) rendering
  • Multi-touch API
  • Open Text search in conjunction with Graphic Hub 2.2
  • Resizable Stage and Scene Editor
  • Integrated Extra Viz Plugins
  • Updated Viz Artist User Manual and Viz Engine Administrator’s Guide.

Fixed Issues

  • GPI command execution sporadically did not work in On Air mode
  • Could not configure video input when output was full screen
  • Clip player flush did not clear both output fields (could cause flickering)
  • Video wall input not fully in sync with output
  • Clip channel did not play if loaded in back layer
  • Smoother chroma keyer (requires at least FX3700 or FX4600 and later)
  • Layers were not reloaded correctly in On Air mode
  • Multipass rendering for ChromaKeyer input shader to get better results
  • The clip player crashed the engine when the number of cores was lower than 8
  • It was possible to assign a dynamic scene to itself, which caused crashes while saving the scene
  • Potential DirectShow clip player crash on eject
  • Activation of output channel 3 and 4 on Matrox took 15 seconds
  • Allow video preview operations on DSX.LE2/CG when operating in slave mode
  • Camera aspect change had no immediate effect in orthogonal mode
  • Audio AES configuration for Matrox X.mio, X.mio2, and DSX.LE2/CG
  • Multi-touch (MT) MoveRelative6DOF generated wrong position values, if the scaling of the current container was not 1.0 and no parent container existed
  • Dual channel audio support
  • Crash with ImageFX plug-ins
  • Removed obsolete plugins Shapes1 and ControlGeoPostion. Instead please use Curious Client and ControlMap.
  • The engine froze when post rendering with a Bluefish444 card attached
  • Parts of the scene tree were not updated correctly in rare cases
  • When saving a scene under a different name, a duplicate of the scene stayed in the memory until to the next pool cleanup.
  • The scene tree was built very slowly after loading a heavy scene
  • External commands did not work correctly when a startup scene was specified
  • Alpha plugin did not work correctly on images with Alpha attached when image combining mode was set to Multi Texturing
  • Crash when the Matrox card runs out of on board memory
  • See release notes for other issues.

Important Notes

For general details including a list of upgrade and known issues, and also important details regarding the required hardware and software see the Viz Engine and Viz Artist 3.3.0 Release Notes

Download the latest version from the FTP in /products/VizEngine3x/Latest Individual Installers