Viz Engine and Viz Artist 3.2.8

Viz Engine and Viz Artist version 3.2.8 is a maintenance release.

It is strongly recommended for users upgrading from Viz Engine and/or Viz Artist 3.x and for new installations.

New Features

  • QuickTime H.264 post rendering
  • Support for NVidia Quadro 4000, 5000, 6000, 2000, 600


Fixed Issues

  • Clip duration was calculated wrong for progressive output
  • Crash when key frame name was too long
  • The engine could freeze when delayed command execution was enabled
  • Drop commands when the corresponding mux connection was closed by the client.
  • The engine froze when post rendering with a Bluefish444 card attached
  • Parts of the scene tree were not updated correctly in rare cases
  • Peers were not always removed from multiplexer sessions when a client was disconnected (NLE stability)
  • Made the engine more robust for cases when a render editor was created and used without opening the corresponding window.
  • When saving a scene under a different name, a duplicate of the scene stayed in the memory until to the next pool cleanup.

Important Notes

For full details, please see the Downloads section for all related release notes

Download the latest version from the FTP in /products/VizEngine3x/Latest Individual Installers