Viz Weather 2.1

Viz Weather version 2.1 is a major release update.

This Viz Weather version makes use of an Oracle database for saving weather points information. The release includes the new database configuration tool, database management tool and migration tool for upgrading from Viz Weather 1.X to Viz Weather 2.X.

Viz Weather 2.1 is the first official release using Oracle database, however, pre releases are already deployed in several Vizrt customer sites and successfully used On-Air.

It is recommended for all Viz Weather users. An Upgrade from previous Viz Weather versions should be coordinated with Vizrt support.

Main new features and improvements:

  • Oracle database is used for storing weather points information – improved response time, system scalability and flexibility.
  • Viz Weather Gateway, a new tool for automatic media generation for multi-platform publishing
  • Automatic fetch and data distribution to registered Viz Engine machines
  • Full integration with Viz World Server and Viz World Client
  • Full support for various weather graphics on globe
  • Viz Graffiti plugin package integration
  • Grid Wind data support - displaying and animating wind arrows flow
  • Enhanced hurricane data implementation and support
  • Support for multiple weather point types
  • Improved points list filtering options; by country, regions etc.
  • Support web search for adding weather points.
  • Improved user interface functionality and usability.

Please consult your Vizrt support about planning the upgrade from previous Viz Weather versions.

For a full overview of this version please refer to the VizWeather_ReleaseNotes.pdf .

Updated documentation is bundled with the installation. It can also be found on the FTP in /vizrt documentation/VizWeather

Download version and related installers from the FTP at
/products/VizWeather/Latest Individual Installers/Weather 2