Viz Multichannel 2.6

Viz Multichannel is a major release. This version is recommended for users running version 2.5.x and all new installations.

It is recommended that you install Media Sequencer 1.21 for this version.

Main New Features

  • Added ability for user to define an import window in time for partial current import of playlist
  • Added Webhelp and ability to access the documentation from inside Multichannel by pressing F1 for Help
  • Added support to handle partial read of date-strings, ex. only read specified YYYY-MM-DD even if the field contains trailing info
  • Added ability to map import settings directly towards ‘MCP_NAME’
  • Added ‘Lock Events from MSE Time’ functionality
  • Allow import of RCV files
  • Now allow multiple secondary events with same offset if zero duration or TL based on a different layer or other Viz layer
  • Added preview host setting
  • Added “Take”, “Continue” and “Take Out” for elements in Favorites pane
  • Added option to define if given date is the broadcast-date or actual date, for playlist split calculation
  • Added option to PLC to check updates against cache or not
  • Ability to set ‘Cleared played events’ to hh:mm
  • Added ability to map to secondary events fields
  • Fields mapping extended to support assigning fields by order rather than expect name/value pairs


Fixed Issues

  • Re-enable auto-export of harris .lst
  • Detect if running Viz 3 and use new path to template icons
  • Alter PlaylistCollector to use .Net 4.0
  • VICC Update issue with new events being added out of order
  • Secondary events always collapse and color coding does not show after user do ‘Take’ on an event
  • Installer asks if we want to reboot after installation is finished for no good reason


For full details, please see the Viz Multichannel 2.6 Release Notes and Media Sequencer 1.21.0 Release Notes .

Download the latest version from the FTP in
/products/VizMultichannel/Latest Individual Installers/