Graphic Hub 2.2

Graphic Hub version 2.2 is a minor release.
This version is recommended for users running Viz Engine and Viz Artist 3.x, or for new installations.

Main new Features

Graphic Hub 2.2.0
  • Custom Meta-Data support (Add-ons).
  • New search functionality (Free text).
  • Complete Database recovery (Safe Mode).
  • Cluster Timeout Settings for Viz GH Replication Server.
  • New file size limitations.
Viz GH Manager 4.0.0
  • Redesigned user interface.
  • Unicode support.
  • New Add-on editors (creating/maintaining).
  • Multiserver search.
  • Journal feeds.
  • Real-time data deploy task configuration.
Viz GH Deploy Agent 1.2.0
  • Real Time deploy (monitors folders on source server and deploys all data event based when item is added updated or deleted).
  • Complete Add-On support.
  • Performance improvements.
Viz GH REST 0.5 (Initial version)
  • REST Architecture with atom publishing protocol and the related Service Document based GET.
  • GET of OpenSearchDescription and opensearch results as atom feed.
  • GET of media items (audio, images) from graphic hub as interpretable media mime type (application/ogg, application/jpeg, ...).
  • Serving of static files in wwwroot and complete configuration of underlying lighttpd on Windows.
  • Alternative template-able output format (i.e.: json, csv...).

For full details, please see the Files section for all related release notes.

Download the latest version from the FTP in
/products/VizGraphicHub/Latest Individual Installers/