Datapool 2.11.6

Datapool version 2.11.6 is a maintenance release. It mainly includes bug fixes and few minor new features.

It is recommended for users who require these new features & bugfixes, or for new installations.

New Features:

  • DataImage - Added new option to set a default image, in case that the specified image does not exist.
  • DataCountdown - Added new option to define an offset from now to the target time.
  • DataObject, DataStructure - Adding a DataObject plugin removes the DataStructure plugin, if on the same container.
  • DataPool scene plugin (For Viz Engine 3.x) – When sending a DP command via the shared memory, the conventional double quotation marks (""..."") is replaced by double apostrophes (''...'').

Main Bug Fixes:

  • Several Plugins - More sanity checks were added to avoid crashes.
  • DataSelector - Fixed two issues related to the dissolve option.
  • DataTimer - Improved time calculation, to solve problem when crossing the day edge around 24:00.

For full details and installation notes read the DataPool_RelNotes.pdf

Download version from the ftp in /products/VizDatapool/Installer/ folder.