Viz Engine and Viz Artist 3.2.5

Viz Engine and Viz Artist version 3.2.5 is a maintenance release.

It is strongly recommended for users upgrading from Viz Engine and/or Viz Artist 3.x and for new installations.

New and Changed Features

  • Log files can easily be created by entering "clog" in the console.
  • The current plug-in name is stored in the render log file in case of crashes caused by plug-ins.
  • The driver reference guide has been incorporated into the Viz Engine Administrator's Guide.
  • New "Use Shaped Fill Setting" option in the rendering options to control whether post rendering and NLE output will be post-processed depending on the Shaped Fill setting.
  • Added "Local Time" as option for the text clock
  • Added parameter "Seek Timeout" to Moviz plug-in. Increase this value for heavy clips that take very long to load.

Fixed Issues

  • Updated Viz Engine manual with reviewed driver references for both video and graphics cards.
  • Import of .obj and .3ds files crashed with Viz Engine™ version 3.2.3 and 3.2.4.
  • Updated viz_import to solve font import issues.
  • The text bounding box calculation was broken in 3.2.3. It included also invisible characters when used with TextFX Scale.
  • Cleanup of the console output written to the log file.
  • The Panasonic version of Viz Engine™ sometimes froze in the Pansonic driver when the scene tree was scrolled
  • The engine could freeze when the connection to the server was interrupted while a font was being loaded.
  • Property is always NULL
  • Orthogonal camera view was not updated when the aspect ratio changed
  • Key is flashing, and object in video output is transparent when ImageMask is used
  • Color not correct when importing scenes from Viz Engine™ 2.x with ColorCorrection / ColorBalanceFilter plugin. The plugin behaves as in Viz Engine™ 2.x for imported scenes, now.
  • Fixed oversized snapshots.
  • Login to the server did not work when the password contained a #
  • Templates did not work in Dexter
  • Text bounding box was not correct for scenes imported from Viz Engine™ 2.x when the Old Style flag was set.
  • Image-combining blend mode with textures over GL_MAX_3D_TEXTURE_SIZE (512x512 on NVidia Quadro FX4500 and before, and 2048x2048 with FX4600 or later) could cause crashes in the NVidia driver or show a white texture depending on the driver version.
  • Updated license dongle driver to version in order to solve some sporadic initialization issues.
  • LOD-Manager parameter type mismatch
  • NLE results differed between interlaced and progressive
  • Globe-plugin crashed, if "georef.get_dllName" did not return a valid name.
  • A corrupted image could cause a memory cleanup, which is an expensive
  • Fixed crash with a scene with more than four input channels on the Standard PC version
  • The QuickTime codec settings dialog disappeared behind Viz Artist™ GUI, or could cause the application to hang
  • Green and blue mixed up when assigning CColor to Material.Color in scripts

Important Notes

An updated Viz Engine manual for administrators is released. The manual contains updated driver references for all supported video and graphics cards; however, all driver references to Viz 2.x versions have been taken out. Viz 2.x driver references will be released as a separate document soon!

For general details including a list of upgrade and known issues, and also important details regarding the required hardware and software see Viz Engine and Viz Artist 3.2.5 Release Notes.htm .

Download the latest version from the FTP in /products/VizEngine3x/Latest Individual Installers/