Viz Trio 2.9.3 & Media Sequencer 1.19.3

Viz Trio 2.9.3 and Media Sequencer 1.19.3 are maintenance releases that contains a number of fixed issues. It is recommended for users who require the fixed issues of Viz Trio 2.9, or for new installations.

Note that the Media Sequencer 1.19.3 has an important fix related to Transition Logic.

Viz Trio Functionality Removed or Changed

  • Renamed the progress column in the playlists to "Available".
  • Sort Pages in now enabled in NLE Mode.
  • Re-added the setting "skip_scene_exists_on_read".

Viz Trio Fixed Issues

  • Fixed the browse button in image type columns of the table editor.
  • Fixed a crash that occurs during an update from vdom.
  • Fixed a rare problem where some items may disappear from a playlist until Trio is restarted.
  • Fixed an issue where an empty text value in a table doesn't get stored.

Media Sequencer Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue that was introduced in version 1.19.2 causing wrong playout of transition logic elements.
  • Fixed an issue in the initialization of GEOM's causing error messages when running agains Viz 2.x. This has been fixed by using Viz 2.x compatible commands.


This release has been tested to work with:

  • Media Sequencer 1.19.3
  • Viz Engine 2.8 and 3.2

For full details, installation notes and known issues, read the Viz Trio 2.9.3 Release Notes.htm and  Media Sequencer 1.19.3 Release Notes.htm .

See the respective user guides for usage information.

Download version and documentation from the ftp in /VizTrio/LatestVersion folder.