Viz World Client and Server 10.2

Viz World Client and Server version 10.2 is a minor release and is recommended for customers that need the new features and/or want to upgrade due to the issues listed below.

New Features

  • Kml Reader

    • New viz plugin for reading Kml files. Supports label lines area shapes and geo referenced images.
  • 3DRegion

    • New plugin 3DRegionHalo for drawing a Halo around a region.

    • 3DRegion data can now be "frozen" into Viz database so it can be stored in archives.

  • Atlas

    • Supports reading of local CMR files (require no internet connection).

    • Option to switch visualized data type in Bing between satellite/map/both.

  • Labels

    • Label Manager supports manually selected labels.

    • New option to define in one place (3D map setting) a design container and a global holder, and then all plugins that need designs and holders will use the global location.

  • Viz World Editor

    • New plugin based interface allows advanced search over the web (Yahoo). This allows for searching of street's Post Codes (Zip codes) and more. The server will need internet access.

    • Better control on what is moved when moving labels.

  • Viz Trio

    • Support transition logic workflow.

    • Support "Static" labels with control plugins.

  • Other

    • Map images can now be compressed on server (DXT / DXT 5) and uploaded to Viz in compressed format. This will decrease memory usage and scene load time. Viz version 3.3.1 and above is mandatory. Scenes saved used this option will not work with older viz versions.

    • All vector data display lists are now shared across scenes which should improve memory consumption.

    • Improved accuracy in WPosition.

Fixed Issues

  • It was not possible to use more than one Atlas plugin at the same time.

  • Label behavior with 64-bit computers did not work as expected.

  • Keyboard delete was not working in Viz World Maps Editor (WME).

  • After removing Mute plugin geometry was not drawn.

  • Custom image guides was not working as expected.

  • Navigator - Pause duration needed animations to be recalculated.

  • Server configuration tool - the list of disputed regions was incomplete.

  • Regions from shape file and street data were not created in Viz.

Important Notes

For full details, read the Viz World Client 10.2 Release Notes .

Download installers and documentation from the FTP:

  • Installer - /products/VizWorldServerAndClient/
  • Documentation - /products/Vizrt Documentation/VizWorldServerAndClient/