Viz World Client and Server 10.1

Viz World Client and Server version 10.1 is a minor release of what was previously known as Viz Curious Maps Client and Server. As of version 10.1, Vizrt will use a new branding (including new names) for the Viz World and Viz Curious Maps solutions.

The Viz Curious Maps brand is kept for the standalone mapping tool whereas the Viz World name is what will be used for our server/client based mapping platform.

Names and abbreviations have been changed in order to reflect the branding change:

  • Viz World Server (WoS) instead of Viz Curious Maps Server (CMS)
  • Viz World Client (WoC) instead of Viz Curious Maps Client (CMC)

New Features

Map Editor

  • Auto labels preview.
  • Improved presentation of search results - improved on-map preview and better naming of the search result context in the list

Designs / Labels

  • Auto street labeling from WoC editor or shape files.

Vector data

  • Improved line quality (roads, borders, lines) in low angles or close to the horizon.


  • Per hop stop and pause points.


  • Atlas is a new plug-in with super fast world tiling (google maps like). Fits an interactive workflow. The current version supports only Microsoft Bing imagery. Future versions will support locally stored imagery as well.


  • Geo Text plug-in now support compass, line length, and having a container as legend for map sizes.

Fixed Issues

  • Label offsets are better transferred from the WoC editor to Viz.
  • In case of missing TPL an image with the text “TPL not found on server” is displayed.
  • There is no longer a mismatch between vector data and image with globe projection.

For full details, read the release notes.

Download installers and documentation from the FTP:

  • Installer - /products/VizWorldServerAndClient/
  • Documentation - /products/Vizrt Documentation/VizWorldServerAndClient/