Viz Video Engine 1.8.1

Viz Video Engine 1.8.1 is a minor release with new features, changes and bug fixes. It is recommended as an update to previous installations. Upgrade instructions

New Features:

  • Dynamic switching of video standard on inputs and outputs.

    • Limitations:

      1. Can only change video standard of a port when that port is idle.

      2. Can only switch between video standards in the same "frame rate family", i.e. all drop-frame formats vs all non-drop-frame formats.

    • Playout ports will automatically switch to the format of the clip.
  • Added audio support for EE output.
  • Added support for VANC-LTC (in addition to the previous support for VANC-VITC).
  • Added support for encoding IMX using Main Concept codecs, as an alternative to the already existing Matrox codec. Select this by specifying IMXCodecVendor=mc in the ini-file.

Changed Functionality

  • Make ingest out-points inclusive. This affects out-points based on Wallclock, VBIVITC, VANCVITC and VANCLTC.

Fixed Issues

  • Fix black lines/regions in the preview picture which could sometimes happen in NTSC.

  • Fix VANC timecode insertion for playout, which was sometimes unreliable for SD.

  • Performance improvements in terms of disk IO performance.

  • If the input lost timecode in the middle of a DV-DIF ingest, the last seconds of timecodes would be "looped" over and over until the input regained timecode.

  • Fix back-to-back playout transition when clipA has reached EOF (DONE PLAY) before clipB is cued. VVE would in some cases not switch to ClipB in this case.

Important Notes

Viz Video Engine 1.8.0 was released only a short time prior to this release, but is now replaced by 1.8.1. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Download the latest version from the FTP in /products/VizVideoEngine/Latest Individual Installers