Viz Ardome 4.8.5

Viz Ardome 4.8.5 is a maintenance release update.

It includes new options and upgrades for: Importer 1.1, Easycut 4.6, Precut 4.7, Viz Ardome Thirdparty API 4.8 and Viz Dart 6.5

Viz Ardome 4.8.5 key features and main bugfixes:

  • User customizable reports to replace Viz Ardome reports.
  • Viz Ardome Third-party API 4.8 released: Supports Wrapped Document / Literal encoding, chunked HTTP and extensions to Dart API and Datamodel API.
  • Importer 1.1 released: XDCAM SD support and client side merging of clips.
  • Easycut 4.6 released: Resolved issue when setting a new inpoint in the timeline, any graphics effect applied to the affected track item was removed.
  • Precut 4.7 released: Resolved issue where audio was lost towards the end while playing growing files.
  • Viz Dart 6.5 released: Support to present configurable custom views.

Updated documentation for Viz Ardome version 4.8.5 is available from the Help menu within the client applications or from the Project Managers.

To learn more about this Viz Ardome release (new features, fixed and known issues), and to coordinate an upgrade of your system, please contact your local Vizrt support.