Viz Ardome 4.9.0

Viz Ardome 4.9.0 is a minor release update.

It includes the following new options and upgrades :

  • Viz Capture 4.3
  • Viz Dart 7.0
  • Viz Easy Cut 4.7
  • Logger 4.4
  • Importer 1.2
  • Viz Ardome Thirdparty API 4.9

Viz Ardome 4.9.0 key features and main bugfixes:

  • AVC/Intra support. Some limitations applies, please contact your local Vizrt support for details.User customizable reports to replace Viz Ardome reports.
  • The possibility to chunk long recordings into smaller parts when ingesting them and then manage them by browse editing applications.
  • AAC browse audio support.
  • Persistent media markers in browse editing applications.
  • Advanced recurring feeds and cross-roll scheduling in Viz Dart.
  • Nagios monitoring plugins.