Viz Artist and Viz Engine 3.6.1 Maintenance Release

Vizrt are pleased to announce the release of Viz Artist and Viz Engine 3.6.1. This is a maintenance release and Vizrt strongly recommend to upgrade to Viz Artist and Viz Engine 3.6.1. Version as soon as possible.


  • Improved chroma keyer with configurable UV lookup map for DVS Centaurus and Atomix, and Matrox X.Mio2 and X.Mio2 Plus.
  • GPUDirect for clips (reduces the transfer times between CPU and GPU).
  • Take aperture size into account for Defocus/Depth of Field shader, and exposed film grain setting.
  • Fast texture mode can be used in conjunction with GPUDirect.
  • Synchronization of stage with Libero clips.
  • New command cLEAR for clearing shared memory maps.

Bug fixes

  • DATABASE STATUS did not return the replication server name when the engine was switched to the replication server.
  • Very rare, but possible freezes of the Viz Artist GUI due to a deadlock between the GUI and the engine.
  • Timecode reader could swap fields for interlaced formats.
  • Possible timeouts for shared memory updates.
  • SoftMask flashes when freeing textures.
  • JPEG export quality was bad after an update of an image library (by default 75% instead of 98%).
  • Memory leak when exporting an object or scene structure as XML.
  • ControlVideo prepended <clip_root> for URLs.
  • Text box did not work for complex script and specific fonts.
  • External commands were not processed during startup when Frame Accurate Commands were enabled.
  • When playing an IBP clip with long GOPs via clip channels in the scene settings, the clip player jumped back to the last Intra-frame after playing the clip. This only affects the Matrox clip player.
  • First few lines of key signal were sporadically green the first time after changing the input and output resolutions. This only affected new DVS Atomix HDMI boards.
  • Under a resolution of 1280x1024, Viz Artist would always restart instead of shut down when closing it.
  • Added a frame-drop parameter to the UDP command feedback for performance (PERF).
  • Fixed some issues with image background loading.
  • Background image could produce a fully white key in Overlay key mode.
  • Fields could get swapped on Bluefish444 cards under certain circumstances.
  • FeedView updates were slow
  • Alpha blending mode in texture properties did not work correctly with compressed images.
  • Crash under rare conditions when switching the engine off air while using it as preview for Viz Pilot.
  • Loading TGA images via http proxy did not work.
  • Jittering when starting an animation with a large set of nested directors.
  • Scene icon did not use the available area under certain conditions.
  • Consider inactive scenes (not loaded to any layer) as well for shared memory updates via the command interface, when configuration flag SharedMemoryUpdatesToInactiveScenes is set to 1.
  • By default, GPI is set to off in the configuration to make the engine start up faster.
  • Cube mapping did not work with compressed images.
  • ImageFX could corrupt textures in following containers.
  • The engine tried to stop IP streaming services, even if they were not started.

Important Notes

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