Media Sequencer 1.23

Media Sequencer (MSE) 1.23 is released. It is recommended as an update for control applications that require this version of the MSE.

Removed Functionality

  • MSE 1.23 is the last release that will support Viz Multichannel 2.6 or earlier. Viz Multichannel 2.7 or later will be required for later releases of the MSE.
  • The following plug-ins have been removed in this release: com, cursor_watchdog, mcm_remote, multichannel_manager, mvcp_clip, mvcp_play, mvcp_unit_monitor, screen_gdp, videohub.
  • The handler settings "ignore_take_duration_on_direct_take" and "take_duration_command" have been removed from the dispatch_element handler. New settings are available.

Media Sequencer Core Enhancements and Fixes

  • Element collection enhancements
  • Playlist Entry extended functionality and fixes:
  • Clip player status format updated
  • Video clip status reporting
  • Node Filter additional support
  • Handlers and plugins created when loaded

New Plug-ins

  • Playout_slots

Plug-in Enhancements and Fixes

  • Enhancements and fixes for: attr, as_run_log, as_run_log_entry, dispatch_element, element_odbc_filler, elements_runner, gateway, http_server, intelligentif, mvcp_server, playlist_monitor, prepare_and_run, ref, relative, timetrigger, vdcp_client, viz, vme, replace_all, sequence_iterator, treetalk, viz_video

Standard Logic

  • "/logic/element/run" regarding profile channels
  • Introduced "/logic/playlist/viz_unload" to cleanup viz engines memory
  • "/logic/clear/specific_viz_layer" now supports clearing specific layer on multiple viz engines.
  • Introduced default templates as element's master templates.
  • The new entry points to start/stop multiple playlists on the same profile used by Trio client.
  • The new entry points to support starting, stopping and switching playlist for a profile.
  • Composite elements are now considered atomic elements when played.
  • Provide logic_hook which will be invoked after start playlist in "/logic/playlist/start_playlist".
  • Transition logic elements now support "clear_read" command.
  • Introduced "/logic/odbc/odbc_feedback".
  • Cleaning up renderers when the playlist is empty, will no longer try to clean up localhost.

Installation Files, Notes and Documentation

  • For full details, installation notes and known issues, read the Media Sequencer 1.23 Release Notes .
  • This version is compatible with the latest releases of Viz Pilot and Viz Trio.
  • Download installation files from the ftp in /products/VizMediaSequencerEngine/LatestVersion folder.