Viz Libero 5.5.2 Release

Viz Libero 5.5.2 – formerly known as Libero Highlight – is a maintenance update of the world’s most advanced sports analysis software.

This maintenance release contains various bug fixes:

Please see the “What’s new in Viz Libero 5.5” document and the Viz Libero User Guide for additional information.

Graphics Driver

  • For NVidia Quadro cards, we recommend to update the graphics driver to version 320.78.

User Interface

  • Improved feedback when Virtual SloMo is not enabled
  • Fixed issue with wrong camera previews

Annotations / Graphics

  • Distance displayed for Vertical Arrow is now always feet when using imperial settings
  • Fixed position changes of Vertical Arrows when changing position in a different frame
  • Fixed issue with Vertical Arrow changing position after editing
  • Fixed issue when creating multiple Virtual Runs for the same player ID and in different key frames
  • Fixed instability when deleting a Virtual Run
  • Fixed wrong position of undo on player moves
  • Fixed rare instability when using speed overlays
  • Fixed rare instability with Virtual Run

Editor / Timeline / Annotation Recorder

  • Fixed rare instability when deleting an item from the Playlist
  • Fixed issue in timeline with current frame slider updates
  • Fixed issue when moving IN point of a timeline element to Clip start
  • Fixed issue with END set to infinity when creating tracked annotation
  • Fixed issue with annotation recordings over existing playlists
  • Fixed instability when deleting 3D Arrows
  • Fixed instability when deleting pauses while timeline elements within are selected
  • Fixed rare instability when switching from Editor to Telestrator module
  • Fixed rare instability when interacting on legacy Playlists

Clip selection and creation

  • Fixed a rare application instability on Clip creation
  • Fixed Clip Selection issue when using EVS and 24h-Clips
  • Fixed synchronization issue when using DNxHD clips
  • Fixed instability when creating a 24h clip in a recorder or file project

Video I/O

  • Fixed issue with video playback stopping unexpectedly after manual calibration change
  • Fixed issue when using interlaced video in progressive project
  • Fixed issue with accessing time-codes in file-based projects
  • Fixed issue when re-acquiring clips
  • Fixed issue that wrong image was shwn when changing cameras
  • Fixed rare instability when opening a project with time-code offsets

Baseball field

  • Fixed default Virtual Graphics parameters for Baseball field border
  • Fixed distance overlay displaying "yd" instead of "yds"

Panorama Stitch

  • Fixed various issues with the Panorama Stitch (no update in existing keyframes, not corresponding correctly to field calibration, black hole removal in flight creation)

Color Model

  • Cutout on non-player objects is applied when a Color Model exists


  • Fixed issue with calibrations drifting away unexpectedly in rare cases
  • Fixed issue with instable calibration tracking in certain situations

Vizrt Export / Customized graphics

  • Export folder name contains export title
  • Magnifier support with Engine 3.6.1
  • Fixed various minor issues with exported Engine commands
  • Fixed potential freeze during export
  • Fixed rare instability during export process

GrassValley integration

  • In some cases, the fast reverse/forward buttons are not correctly working with the K2
  • Fixed video jumping to begin unexpectedly
  • Video jittering on second field
  • Input Test settings used in Viz Libero

Configuration / License

  • Added license flag that restricts removing goal objects
  • Added configuration option to use default color for textured player name labels


  • Fixed license details shown in Startup Application
  • Fixed log directory issue of VMF Wrapper
  • Fixed rare instability when closing the Standalone Telestrator application


Installation Notes for Windows7/x64

Required files

Updating to Viz Libero 5.5.2 on Win7/x64 systems requires the following items to be installed in the given order:

  • Viz Libero 5.5.2 installation file : VizLibero.5.5.2.x64.42776.msi
  • For NVidia Quadro cards, we recommend to update the graphics driver to version 320.78.

In order to access the installation files, please contact your Vizrt Sports sales representative. You will be provided with credentials to access to download area.

Installation procedure

  1. All required software components will be made available by Vizrt as.msi files.
  2. Install the update by executing the .msi File directly from your storage device, e.g. the license dongle or local disk.

Project compatibility

With Viz Libero 5.5.2 it is possible to open and play back projects that were created using Libero Highlight 4.5 and later. However, editing such projects might lead to corrupt clips.

Projects that are created using Viz Libero 5.5.0 and later can’t be opened using Libero Highlight (any version).