Viz Weather 2.4

Viz Weather 2.4 is a minor release that includes several new features and improvements as well as fixes to many known issues from previously released versions.

New Features

  • Viz Concept is now supported in Viz Weather. As in Viz Trio and Viz Pilot, the same playlist or the same data element can be used with different Viz scenes.

  • Integration with Viz One (VME) for playing clips in two modes; full screen and embedded in the graphics.

  • Grid 2 Points - displaying model data in the form of weather points, where the point information is derived from the model.

  • Future Radar - displaying rain forecast in the form of radar images (WDT)

  • Weather Alerts - improving the USA Alerts solution, adapting it to the case of a local station covering a given DMA (used in WCTV Tallahassee, FL).

  • MOS integration was updated to the latest version of Viz Pilot.

  • Improving the interactive "drawing" of Fronts & Flows

  • The Points Data of Viz Weather is now accessible from Viz Trio and Viz Pilot by using the Feed Browser (used in I24, Israel).

  • Adding a Viz Artist button in Viz Weather, allowing users to switch between Viz Weather and Viz Artist.

  • Integration of the Points Data with Visual Data Tools (VDT) data provider.

  • Advanced Filter Editors - displaying Point Data according to different criteria

  • Adding a new mode to the CWSRadar and CWSSatellite plugins, called Timer Update. This mode enables playing the updated Radar and Satellite data in a standalone scene, not controlled by Viz Weather, playing the latest defined number of images from a folder (used in WCTV Tallahassee, FL, and Fox Sports, CA).

  • Viz World integration for adding weather points to the list, including Viz World Server languages support.

Backward Compatibility Issues

Upgrading from Viz Weather 2.3 is straight forward, but still, some small adjustments are required. For details, see the Viz Weather 2.4 Release Notes .

Upgrading from previous versions might require some additional conversion steps. Please consult the Viz Weather team or your local Vizrt customer support team before performing such an upgrade.

Installation Files, Notes and Documentation

  • For full details, installation notes and known issues, read the Viz Weather 2.4 Release Notes .
  • Download the software and documentation from Vizrt's FTP under the following folder: /products/VizWeather/Latest Individual Installers. Note: Download is restricted to customers with a valid support contract. If you do not have the login details, please contact your regional support team.
  • For documentation, visit our Documentation Center.
  • For a quick-tour of the major new Viz Weather 2.4 features, see the related videos below.