Viz Artist and Viz Engine 3.6.2

Vizrt are pleased to announce the release of Viz Artist and Viz Engine 3.6.2. This is a maintenance release and Vizrt strongly recommend to upgrade to Viz Artist and Viz Engine 3.6.2. version as soon as possible.


  • Improved Defocus Shader.
  • New command to purge shared memory. "VIZ_COMMUNICATION*MAP PURGE_ELEMENTS partialkey" purges all keys which start with "partialkey".
  • Allow the animation of the Visual Data Tools BarChart also in the Y direction.
  • Alpha channel multiplication now an option for the FilterBlendImage plugin.
  • Enabled http authentication for image loading via http (not including https).
  • ControlVideo is now usable for layers other than the main layer.
  • Alternative alpha blend modes for FilterBlendImage added.
  • New OnAir switch command parameters, which were required for the Cinema4D import.
  • GPU Direct now also works with Clip Channels on X.mio2 Plus.
  • Plugin API - new Object Loaded callback to get informed when a background-loading object (image) is loaded completely.

Bug Fixes

  • The image size of non cube-mapped, compressed images was calculated wrong.
  • Shader FilterBlendImage had problems with loading external images.
  • Embedded audio did not work correctly for Bluefish444 cards in interlaced mode.
  • Camera selection in the Views editor did not get updated when the camera was changed via shortcuts.
  • In rare cases, the Matrox clip player could play the previous clip instead of the one associated with the current scene.
  • HD Clips did not play in the correct aspect ratio for SD output in texture mode.
  • Fixed increased texture memory usage, introduced in Viz Engine 3.6.1.
  • Fixed an issue where the scaling of a DVE layer was lost when switching to Texture and back to DVE with X.mio2 Plus.
  • Viz Engine returned the wrong control objects for Viz Trio when a combo template is loaded.
  • Conversion of Director and Container names containing spaces.
  • Key was broken on live inputs and clip channels with alpha when used as scaled texture.
  • Reduced memory consumption on X.mio2 Plus.
  • Selecting a position key frame in the stage now correctly shows the animation path in the scene editor.
  • Fixed GUI refresh problems for plugins with more than one drop-down parameter.
  • Picking events (mouse) could cause graphics to jump in the scene editor.
  • GPU direct only worked with Linear keying.
  • ProRes 4444 encoded clips were rendered with slightly increased alpha values. DSX.utils is needed to fix the issue (see the full Release Notes).

Important Notes

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