Viz One - Publisher 3.0

Publisher is the online control and publishing component of Viz One. Version 3.0 is a major release of Publisher. This release delivers additional features, as well as changes to the back-end technology and bug fixes. The product has been re-branded.

New Features

The following new high level features have been added to Publisher since version 2.5.

Re branding

The product has been re-branded to Viz One - Publisher. This is reflected in the user interface and some file names and paths.

Technology stack upgrade

Publisher has been changed to deploy on CentOS 6 64-bit, JBoss AS 7.2 and Java 7. This has significant impact on the application performance and startup time.

Open Search

It is now possible to search for content in Publisher using the OpenSearch format. One existing client that supports this is the media search in Viz Pilot.

Poster frame extraction

Support has been added for specifying the poster frame position in the overlay timeline. This allows clients that can interact with the /rest/gfx endpoint to specify the poster frame. One such client is the Time Line Editor in the Viz Pilot newsroom component.

Android HLS

Improvements have been made to the transcoder and segmenter to improve the HTTP Live Streaming on Android devices.


Additional high level features

Viz Reporter expiry

You can specify “No Expiry Date” on Viz Reporter content by setting the “Reporter Content Expiry Date” to a negative value.

Publisher UI HTTPS

We now ship with a working HTTPS configuration for the Publisher UI. A customer specific certificate needs to be installed.

Ingest of IMX commercial format

Support has been added for ingesting IMX commercial formats.

REST API for setting poster frame

A new REST API has been added which enables you to set the poster frame without using the overlay timeline format.

Delete Composite Items

An API to delete composite items has been added. In addition it is now possible to bulk-delete composite items in the UI.


The web UI has been prepared for localization. No additional languages are being shipped. Please contact your local representative if you have language requests.


System Requirements

Centos Linux 6 64-bit

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 64-bit

Actual hardware requirements depend on system load and throughput parameters.


Installation Notes

Trained Vizrt staff install Viz One Publisher. For a quote, contact Vizrt Sales.


Upgrade considerations

It is possible to upgrade from the previous version, version 2.5. Since the base OS requirement has changed from Centos 5 to Centos 6, the OS needs to be re-installed. This means that an upgrade procedure will include backing up data, reinstalling the OS, restoring data and porting data. Please note that some configuration and log files may have changed name and/or location.

This should be done by trained Vizrt staff. For a quote, contact Vizrt Sales.



For a useful overview, see the Viz One product information. To receive further details, a white paper, and solution overview for Viz One please contact Vizrt Sales.

For a quick tour of the major new features, see the Viz One - Publisher 3.0 New Features video.