Viz Artist and Viz Engine 3.6.3

Vizrt are pleased to announce the release of Viz Artist and Viz Engine 3.6.3. Vizrt strongly recommend to upgrade to the Viz Artist  and Viz Engine 3.6.3 versions as soon as possible.

New Features

  • Clip Out channel can now store a default profile in the configuration file.

  • Support for play back of Close Caption from clips and recording Close Caption to clips. A new parameter has been added to the scene settings to select the VANC source channel for playback.

  • Save and load Shared Memory Maps via commands.

  • Background loading for Shared Memory Maps has been implemented.

  • New functions in scripting to start or continue animations reverse are now available.

  • Layers can now be switched without the need to save or discard.

Bug Fixes

  • Plugin data that was not explicitly represented in the GUI could not be loaded and saved under certain circumstances (2D Ribbon plugin ignored points).

  • Fixed transformation inheritance within a group selection.

  • Shader (RTT) texture coordinates could be wrong after reactivation or reopening a Scene.

  • Switching the camera view in one view editor window no longer affects the camera view in the main Scene Editor.

  • The Spot Light cone is representing the 'Angle' parameter instead of the 'Penumbra' setting now.

  • Playing back a clip without alpha, in a Clip Channel which has alpha enabled, causes an error message in the console about a missing key clip.

  • Animated Script UI parameters got lost as soon as the script was edited.

  • Graphics would jitter when playing back clips on a Bluefish Supernova.

  • Viz did not close correctly in a Ticker environment.

Important Notes

Installation Files, Notes and Documentation