Viz Libero 5.6.0 Major Release

Viz Libero 5.6.0 is a major release of the world’s most advanced sports analysis software, with new Features, Improvements and Bug Fixes.

New Features, Improvements and Bug Fixes

Please refer to the ' What's New in Viz Libero 5.6 ' document and the Viz Libero User and Administrator Guide for additional information on the added features.

Laptop Support for File Based Workflows

  • Reduced requirements for laptop installations

Disk Recorder Tool for Background Recording of SDI Input

  • Added a Disk Recorder tool to record SDI input in the background while processing parts of it in Viz Libero.

New Output Formats for File Based Workflows

  • Viz Libero now supports XDCAM/MXF and AVC-Intra/MXF.

New Administrator Tool

  • The new Administrator Tool replaces the Startup Application that was used with Libero Highlight. It gives access to administrative functionality such as system set-up, disk clean-up, and license information.

User Interaction Improvements

  • Inserting pauses: The user can now easily insert a pause of a few seconds.
  • Inserting elements: The user can now easily insert additional elements into the timeline.
  • Improved object cut-out module with automatic and intelligent zoom, clean-up of tools.
  • Shows a preview of the current frame while playing a video that helps the user to find a suitable frame with a decent overlap.
  • Improved interaction with marker frames for increasing and decreasing playback speed.

Quality Improvements

  • Improved video keying in 2D and 2D+ frames.
  • Improved quality even when no SloMo data has been created.
  • Calibration detection: Improved accuracy on line detection.

Annotation Improvements

  • 3D Wall tool: Added properties for procedural texturing and improved visual appearance.
  • Measurement overlays: Extended configurability and placement options, and added properties to be changed in the Editor for each annotation separately.

Other Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Improvements and speed up of the license mechanism. New licenses are backwards compatible but old licenses cannot be used with Viz Libero 5.6 and later.
  • Switching to the Editor does not automatically move to the IN point anymore.
  • Editor: Hitting DEL key now removes the currently selected timeline element.
  • Fixed rare issue with wrong keying mask when switching the camera.
  • Fixed issue with slow camera switches when clicking on camera preview buttons.
  • Fixed crash when calibrating during acquisition of a Clip using Grass Valley.
  • Fixed issues with rendering of virtual goal in Handball.


Installation Notes for Windows7/x64

Required License Update

Important: Due to the changes in the license sub-system, Viz Libero 5.6 requires a new license file (*.libero) which replaces the former .sol license files. Do not update unless you have received the new license.

Required Files

Updating to Viz Libero 5.6.0 on Win7/x64 systems requires the following items:

  • Bluefish Driver

  • Viz Libero 5.6.0 installation file: VizLibero.5.6.0.x64.46928.msi

  • Viz Libero Application Data installation file: VizLibero.ApplicationData.20140130.msi

To access the installation files, please contact your Vizrt Sports sales representative. You will be provided with credentials to access to download area.

Installation Procedure for Upgrading from Viz Libero 5.5.x or earlier

Driver Requirements

Viz Libero 5.6.0 requires the Bluefish driver Installation instructions can be found in the Viz Libero 5.6.0 Release Notes .

Since Viz Libero 5.5.2, we recommend to update the Nvidia graphics driver to version 320.78 for Quadro based systems. The according driver is available from the same download as the installation files.

Project Compatibility

With Viz Libero 5.6.0 it is possible to open and play back projects that were created using Libero Highlight 5.0 and later. However, editing such projects might lead to corrupt clips. Editing compatibility is only guaranteed backwards to Viz Libero 5.5.x.

Projects that are created using Viz Libero 5.6.0 and later cannot be opened using Libero Highlight (any version).