Viz World 14.0

Viz World 14.0 is now released and includes new features.

New Features

Viz World Client:

  • Atlas: Improved Gui for setting WMS maps from the server. Supports Culture setting.
  • Region2Tex: Dramatic improvement in texture creation time.
  • LatLongGrid: New plugin to draw latitude and longitude lines on a map.
  • Scale Plugin (Legend): Has become an official plugin.
  • Shader Rebound: Stops shader inheritance.
  • Pyramid new design: Globe / GeoImage / C3DTerrain pyramids are bundled into the plugin so there is no need for the map Pyramid.
  • Map Tiler: Allows selection of number of tiles and selection of final resolution.
  • New Scene Design: Thanks to the built-in pyramid option, all hops now hold one container only, and are direct children of the navigator container. The Map Tiler container and Navigator container are merged into one container.
  • Hops Manager: Allows adding hops from scratch, allows adding assault hops, and allows blending between terrain hops and non-terrain hops. The CWM client has an option not to obey the Hops Manager. Supports hop link mode.
  • Label&Go: Supports CSV files, supports rendering in 2nd layer (Globe), and supports interactive feedback.
  • Map Zoom: Has become an officially plugin. Supports the new map label scaling option.
  • Map Builder: Supports building map zoom scenes, and supports building the locator as a center map globe. Has new design archive (Must). Remembers last user design folder.
  • Labels: New map label scaling option (Labels are on the map and they scale without the need for NavScale). Supports new 9-directions option from the new map client ( WME++).
  • 3Dmodel: Supports the building of entire areas, and supports thread loading for interactive mode.

Viz World Server:

  • Support Digital Globe profiles
  • Support Bing imagery type
  • Support expiration date on satellite imagery

Viz World Classic:

  • Support Digital Globe profiles
  • Support Bing imagery type
  • Support Digital Globe first look
  • Support expiration date on satellite imagery

Data Improvements:

  • Bartholomew: Added 35 new first order administration divisions, 1016 new towns, and 676 other named features. Significant updates to the road network in Europe, and coast lines improved in many countries.
  • DEM and GeoSage Imagery: The basic package of Viz World Maps Server and Classic now comes with 120m Imagery of GeoSage and 360m DEM. Viz World Premium Data Package includes world topography 90m DEM, Geosage NaturalEarth 30m and High resolution 30m DEM for one region (state, province, medium/small country). Viz World Enhanced Data Package includes world topography 180m DEM and Geosage NaturalEarth 60m
  • OSM: Includes many more roads, and a true global coast line. Includes options to load enhanced data only (coastline/lakes/rivers), major roads and rails only, or all the street data features (road, rail, POI, land use, administration boundaries). Street data is divided according to continent



This release has been tested to work with:

  • Viz Artist 3.3
  • Viz Trio 2.12
  • Viz Pilot 5.7
  • Media Sequencer 1.23


Installation Files, Notes and Documentation