Vizrt iNEWS Command Plugin 2.0

Vizrt's iNEWS Command Plugin 2.0 is now released.

The iNews Command plugin now supports configuration of multiple channels, thumbnails for elements, support for loaded status for each graphic element, and more.

New Features

This version of the plugin has the following new features:

  • Support for configuration of multiple output channels. Previously this support was limited to the use of Categories and Channels. Now the user can set the channel in iNEWS.
  • Thumbnails for elements.
  • Support for star cg syntax elements using external id templates from Viz Content Pilot.
  • Support for playlist initialization at lock of channel group in Avid Command.
  • Loaded status for each graphic element in the 'page' column of Avid Command.
  • Support for continue count for manual (not timed) playout.
  • Support for timing information for elements drag-dropped from the Viz Content Pilot Newsroom component

This version of the plugin has the following major changes:

  • This version supports dragging and dropping of elements from the Viz Pilot Newsroom component by interpreting MOS (Media Object Server) data. The plugin no longer supports the BCS (Broadcast Control Solution) mode, which was used by the 1.0 version of the plugin to support drag-dropping of elements.
  • In order to use the Categories and Channels functionality of Viz Pilot, the channel must be configured to 'AUTO'.


This plugin is for use with:

  • iNEWS Command 2.10 version. It is not compatible with iNEWS Command 3.0.
  • Media Sequencer version 1.23 or higher
  • Pilot Data Server version 1.2.0 or higher (required for thumbnail and star cg functionality)
  • Viz Content Pilot Newsroom Component version or higher (required for graphics elements drag-drop functionality to rundown in iNews)
  • Preview Server version or higher (required for thumbnail functionality)

Installation Files, Notes and Documentation