Viz Arena 4.0

Vizrt are pleased to announce the release of Viz Arena 4.0, the image-based tracking version of Viz Arena.

Viz Arena 4.0 brings a completely new sensor less live sports enhancement experience for soccer. Viz Arena 4.0 introduces a powerful image-based camera tracking technology that is available as a new software module, as well as a new control center for applying the most common virtual enhancement effects in soccer, like offside lines, or tied-to-field replay graphic effects.

New Features

The image-based tracking version of Viz Arena includes the following features:

  • Image-based real-time camera tracking – no camera heads or sensors needed.
  • Fast and robust camera calibration detection.
  • Easy to use control application for minimal user interaction and fast turn-around time.
  • Powerful and flexible graphics rendering powered by Viz Engine.
  • Improved and easy to use chroma keying.
  • Tied to field graphics package including team badges and game score.
  • Live soccer package includes offside line replays, distance circles and distance to goal measurements.
  • Instant replay telestration package including player marks, areas and arrows with user defined coloring.
  • Tracked replay telestration package is available as an option for gluing the graphics to the field while the video is playing.
  • Full EVS workflow integration with parallel LSM controlling and replay control.
  • Single and multi-camera handling including EVS camera switch detection.
  • The image-based Viz Arena 4.0 is available for soccer only.

Installation Notes for Windows7/x64

To install Viz Arena 4.0 on Win7/x64 systems the following items are required: The Viz Arena 4.0 installation file (VizArena.4.0.0.x64.xxxxx.msi), the Viz Arena Application Data installation file (VizArena.ApplicationData.20140401.msi) and Bluefish Driver (

To access the installation files, please contact your Vizrt Sports sales representative. You will be provided with credentials to access to download area.