Viz Libero 5.6.2

Viz Libero 5.6.2 is a maintenance release which fixes issues from the previous version and has no new features.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed saving of overlay properties when leaving Editor module: In earlier Viz Libero versions, changed properties of overlays were not saved correctly when leaving the Editor module.

  • Fixed Virtual Run Catch-Up option license flag: The flag which enabled the Catch-Up option of the Virtual Run, was not correctly read from the license.

  • Fixed disabled Live button: In some cases, the Live button was disabled when returning to the Clip Selection module.

  • Correct license information in the About dialog: The license information in the About dialog was not correct.

  • Fixed crash after deleting tracks: In rare cases Viz Libero would crash after a track was deleted in the Editor module.

  • Fixed crash after leaving Clip: In some cases Viz Libero could crash when leaving a Clip back into Clip Selection module.


Installation Notes for Windows7/x64

Important: Required license update

Due to the changes in the license system, Viz Libero 5.6 requires a new license file (*.libero) which replaces the former .sol license files. Do not update unless you have received the new license.

Required files

  • Updating from Viz Libero 5.6.x to Viz Libero 5.6.2 on Win7/x64 systems requires only the VizLibero.5.6.2.x64.49410.msi installer.
  • For updating from earlier versions of Viz Libero (5.5 or earlier) it is recommended to follow the installation procedures in Viz Libero 5.6.0 and 5.6.1.

To access the installation files, please contact your Vizrt Sports sales representative. You will be provided with credentials to access to download area.

Driver requirements

  • Viz Libero 5.6.2 requires the Bluefish driver Installation instructions can be found in the Viz Libero 5.6.1 release notes.
  • Since Viz Libero 5.5.2, we recommend to update the Nvidia graphics driver to version 320.78 for Quadro based systems. The according driver is available from the same download as the installation files.

Project compatibility

With Viz Libero 5.6.2 it is possible to open and play back projects that were created using Libero Highlight 5.0 and later. However, editing such projects might lead to corrupt clips. Editing compatibility is only guaranteed backwards to Viz Libero 5.5.x.