Viz Pilot 5.7.2

Vizrt is pleased to announce the release of Viz Pilot 5.7.2. This is a maintenance release and Vizrt recommends upgrading as soon as possible.


  • Fixed issue where transition logic templates would not behave correctly on continue in local Viz Engine preview.
  • Fixed issue with external preview not working as expected when switching concepts.
Newsroom Component
  • Fixed a bug where multi-concept transition logic templates would always preview with foreground scenes from default concept.
  • Removed general error message when the Crop Service URI is invalid.
  • Fixed a bug where script files would not be found when calling to them during template initialization.
Viz Pilot
  • Fixed a bug where playing live update elements dragged from the data list into a playlist could fail if multiple playlists were in use.
  • Fixed a bug where playout of graphics from the playlist could fail because of Unicode concept or variant names.
Object Store
  • Fixed possible stretching of thumbnails in search result.
Viz Pilot Database
  • Improved performance when activating playlists with a large amount of data elements.

For full details, installation notes and known issues, read the Viz Pilot 5.7.2 Release Notes .


Installation Files and Documentation

  • Download installation files from the Vizrt FTP in the /products/VizContentPilot/Latest Version folder.
  • For documentation, visit our Documentation Center.