Viz Artist and Viz Engine 3.7.0

Vizrt is pleased to announce the release of Viz Artist and Viz Engine 3.7.0. We strongly recommend upgrading to Viz Artist and Viz Engine 3.7.0 versions as soon as possible.

New Features

  • Support for running the engine as native 64-bit process. Please see 64bit Notes for further details.

  • Graphics aka GFX channels to support up to 16 layers of scene that can be controlled separately

  • Redesign of Video/Clip/Streamin/GFX channels - New Media Asset Manager in bottom left area. Rework of workflow and handling

  • Added support for UHDTV1, UHDTV1-4si (4-samples interleaved, Sony) and 4K with 50Hz and 59.94Hz. X.mio2, DSX.LE3/04 and DSX.LE3/04/4KO support UHDTV1 in 3G Level-A.  DSX.LE3/04/4K also supports UHDTV1 in Level-B and 4K (4096x2160) in Level-A and Level-B. Inputs on X.mio2 are not supported with UHDTV1

  • Support of IP streaming input and output

  • Maxon Cinema 4D import

  • Adobe After Effects import

  • Store decoration video-clips  generated during AE import in the GH and play them from there

  • Geometry and Material background loading. some limitations apply

  • REST interface to Viz Engine

  • Support lens distortion for image based  Viz Arena

  • New chroma keyer integration for Viz Arena

  • VDCP support

  • VizOne automatic authentication with VizOne version > 5.6.1

  • Multi-selection for all container properties and expanded context menus for adding properties to containers

  • Tricaster integration

  • New Polygon-Editor integrated in the Scene-Editor including a  revolve tool

  • Support for the Leap Motion finger/hand tracking device

  • Support for Microsoft/PPi Stylus

  • Support for 3 and 4 point loop for clip player on Matrox hardware

  • Added Orientation Tracking for Camera and Lights

  • Possibility to select more servers to deploy files. Configurable now in VizConfig in section Database/Deploy

  • Integrated Matrox DSX LE3/C board with compositor

  • Playback of still images in Clip Channels on Matrox hardware. Can be used as DVE

  • Support for Bluefish444/Digital Epoch 4K Supernova and Supernova S+

  • Prepared support for Epoch Neutron

  • Multiple multi-touch input devices at the same time

Bug Fixes

  • Editing key objects was not possible when key preview was enabled

  • Parts of the animation splines occasionally disappeared in the stage, when zooming in/out and scrolling around

  • Half Height was removed from the Scene Settings

  • Console could freeze for seconds after entering commands that do not return answers

  • When playing the first clip after starting the engine, the first frame shows garbage in VGA version

  • Graphics appeared vertically stretched if "Keep Editing Ratio" was set to "Editor" and "Key Preview" button (KP) was pressed

  • The Keyed preview had a wrong aspect, size and artefacts when resized

  • FBX import now recognizes layered textures with only one layer, which will then be imported like normal textures

  • Improved Dual Channel rendering performance

  • Allow scaling of 100% in mixed mode resolutions when using the Matrox software compositor

  • Allow scaling of 0% when using Matrox software compositor

  • Ring buffer size could not be configured on Bluefish cards

  • Resolution setting for inputs on Bluefish overwrites output resolution

For full details and known issues, see the Viz Artist / Viz Engine 3.7 Release Notes

64 bit related Notes

  • Softclip has limited support only. Use of softclip is discouraged and clip playback should be solely handled through the clip channels. R&D is working on a version of softclip which will be based on a 64 bit sdk.

  • Apple QuickTime support is limited. Since there is no 64 bit SDK from Apple QuickTime container playback and recording is not supported. However, with a Matrox hardware clip playback and post rendering it is possible when using the "Matrox" file reader/writer for the following codecs:

  •  * RLE (animation), playback only

  • * H.264

  • * Apple ProRes

  • * HDV

  • * XDCam

  • * DVCPro

  • * DNxHD

  • Use MCS3U (USB cased) instead of an MCS3 device when using the 64bit version of Viz Engine

  • DirectShow based plugins like MoViz and Video Renderer are not supported due to discontinued support of DirectShow since Windows Vista.

  • 64 and 32 bit versions can be installed in parallel

Important Notes

  • Windows 7 is required, Windows XP is no longer supported

  • Targa video card is no longer supported

  • Updated DVS Centaurus and Atomix driver to

  • Updated Bluefish444/Digital Voodoo driver to

  • For Matrox video cards the driver is required. The VfW codecs are included in this driver, so uninstall previous versions of the Matrox VfW codecs and do not install any Matrox VfW codecs over the driver installation. To upgrade from an older DSX.utils version please uninstall the old version first before installing the new one

  • .NET framework 4.5 or higher is required

  • Installer will automatically upgrade (replace) any existing VizArtist 3.6.x installation. However, downgrading is currently not supported

  • NVidia driver 333.11 is recommended for Quadro K5000 and newer cards

  • Nvidia driver 311.50 is recommended for previous models, please find more information about the recommended drivers here: Viz Artist / Viz Engine 3.7.0 Release Notes

Installation Files, Notes and Documentation

For full details, installation notes and known issues, see the Viz Artist / Viz Engine 3.7 Release Notes .

Download the installers from  the ftp under /products/VizEngine3x/Latest Individual Installers folder.

For documentation, visit our Documentation Centre,  including Viz Artist 3.7 and Viz Engine 3.7  Documentation.