Viz Libero 5.7.3

Viz Libero 5.7.3 is a maintenance release of the world’s most advanced sports analysis software. Vizrt strongly recommend to upgrade to the Viz Libero 5.7.3 version as soon as possible.

Please refer to the What's New in Viz Libero 5.7 document and the Viz Libero User and Administrator Guide for additional information on the new features added with Viz Libero 5.7.


New Features

  • Strike zone: Added alpha fade in/out option for grid and spots in 2D+/3D frame.

  • Improved rendering of Heatmaps:

      Added user-definable color gradient for the mapping of values to colors.

      Added smooth rendering mode for on-field Heatmap.

  • Object detection: Added alternative modes to use tracks only or use detection only. Standard remains using both tracks and detection.


Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed compared to the release of Viz Libero 5.7.2:


  • Switch to Editor module takes a long time when using external tracking data.

  • Contour shuttle integration: Fixed skipping of pauses.

  • Fixed rare instability when synchronizing clips.

  • Fixes issue when opening a clip could stop the acquisition.

  • Fixed error message after project cleanup.

  • Fixed issue when intro animation of annotations was triggered twice when pause started on second field.

  • Fixed rare instability when leaving Flight module.

Background Video Recorder

  • Improve user feedback when video recorder does not run properly.

  • Make sure only one instance of video recorder is running.

  • Fixed rare instability of video recorder.


  • Fixed automatic change of current frame to IN point when loading a playlist.

  • Shot speed track could not be edited.


  • Player Trace: first frame needed to be clicked twice.

  • Fixed crash when deleting newly created player label.

  • Strike Zone: Allow zero width and height.

  • Strike Zone: Fixed the step and minimum values for the grid ground height.

  • Strike Zone: Height property is now hidden in 2D mode.

  • Strike Zone: Grid rotation angle was not taken into account during animation.

  • Strike Zone: Fixed text rendering issues.

  • Viewing Cone: Setting alpha value of color did not affect rendering.

  • Strobe Run: Fixed issue that multiple views were shown during playback in 2D+.

  • Fixes rare instability with overlays.

  • Fixed issues with heatmaps from PNG files.


Application Data Update

Updated team names for 2014/15 Football season in the following leagues:

  • German Bundesliga.

  • English Premier League.

  • Spanish Primera Division.

  • Italian Serie A.

  • US Major League Soccer.

  • Austrian Bundesliga.

  • Swiss Super League.


Known Limitations

EVS integration with Multicam 12.x

Viz Libero supports integration only with Multicam version 12.05.35 (or newer). Older Multicam 12.x versions have a bug related to HANC timecode insertion and do not work with Viz Libero. This does not affect Multicam 11.x and older.


Installation Notes for Windows7/x64

The upgrade to Viz Libero 5.7.3 on Win7/x64 systems requires the following items:

  • The Viz Libero 5.7.3 installation file (VizLibero.5.7.3.x64.52727.msi),

  • the Viz Libero Application Data update file (VizLibero.ApplicationData.20140820.msi), and

  • the Bluefish Driver (

To access the installation files, please contact your Vizrt Sports sales representative. You will be provided with credentials to access the download area.

For full details on the installation procedure, driver requirements, and project compatibility, see the Viz Libero 5.7.3 Release Notes .

For a product overview, see What's New in Viz Libero 5.7 .


Laptop Installations / Systems without Bluefish Video Hardware

In order to run Viz Libero, you have to place the two DLL files in the into C:\LV\Highlight.