Viz Multichannel 2.8

Viz Multichannel 2.8, the leading channel-branding solution, is now released.

Vizrt announced today the release of Viz Multichannel 2.8, the latest version of Vizrt’s automated channel branding system. Version 2.8 includes the new Direct Integration architecture, Multi-Level Rules definition component as well as many other enhancements and fixes.

New features

The new Multi-Level Rules definition component allows for rules to be grouped in a dependent tree-structure. The rules can be organized and grouped according to the branding needs, be it by show-type, time-slots, or any other approach you prefer. The new GUI for the Rules component simplifies usage and the possibility of using full regular expressions in rules makes it very flexible and powerful.

The new Direct Integration (DI) architecture is a REST-based service for enhanced integration to automation and scheduling systems. Included is the Integrations Hub, which is the central REST interface service that connects the Integrations Hub with integration modules for various automation systems.  Included in Viz Multichannel 2.8 are modules for interfacing Harris and Pebble Beach Marina to the Integrations Hub. Other integrations will be added later. The flexible REST-based architecture also allows 3rd-party providers to supply their own Integrations modules.

The new Promo Server service can significantly enhance the handling of cross-channel promotions and similar events. Promo Server runs as a separate service handling cross-channel interface and traffic. Off-loading the Media Sequencer and Viz Multichannel from handling the bulk of this workload can give significant improvements and enhances security and reliability.

Installation and documentation

For the latest information and installation instructions, please see the release notes at where you also can download the latest installers. For more detailed information and documentation please visit our Documentation Center or go directly to the Multichannel 2.8 documentation.

About Viz Multichannel

With Viz Multichannel, multiple graphical elements including real-time 3D graphics and elements such as images, text and audio can be combined creatively to make flexible channel branding in a fully automated way. For more information see Viz Multichannel Product page.