Viz One 5.6

Vizrt is pleased to announce the release of Viz One 5.6, with a new logging tool, extended API and format support, and an MXF Plugin

New Features and Changes

  • New look Logger with powerful features and improved reliability.
  • Viz One handles even more file formats.
  • Redesigned and upgraded MXF-plugin for Mac OSX.
  • Significant improvements to APIs.
  • Usability and UI improvements.

For full details, installation notes and known issues, please refer to the Release Article.

Feature Summary

Apple ProRes

Viz One 5.6 includes support for Apple ProRes MOV files. Viz One handles ProRes for import, conform, export, stage to playout, Final Cut Pro integration, and Adobe Premiere Pro integration. With native support for Apple ProRes file formats in Viz One including archiving and retrieval support, ProRes becomes a perfect choice for video archives. Film and HD-originated content can also be stored in Viz One and maintained at the same high quality as ProRes 444. The ProRes 4444 variant is especially well suited for storing animations.

Logger 6.0.1

Logger, Vizrt’s asset cataloguing tool, has been completely updated as part of Viz One 5.6. With the new Logger, entries are immediately added to the original media in Viz One and visible in Studio, Viz One’s browser-based client. Multiple users can work simultaneously with the same media. In Studio, logs are immediately visible on the asset’s Log tab. Log entries use the Vizrt Data Format (VDF) specification a standard adopted across all Vizrt applications. This enables powerful metadata components such as directories and dictionaries to be integrated into the metadata forms that store logged details. Logger uses the Viz One API exclusively and is backwards compatible with Viz One 5.5 and 5.4.

nablet-Vizrt MXF Plugin

The plugin allows both Apple Final Cut Pro X and 7 to play back MXF-files natively. The first version of the nablet-Vizrt MXF plugin supports XDCAM IMX, XDCAM HD, MXF Op1-a DV, MXF Op1-a DVCPRO, MXF Op1-a DVCPRO HD, as well as, MXF Op1-a AVC-Intra 50 and 100. The plugin supports playback of growing files (edit during content acquisition) and also includes a built-in AES331m to PCM decoder.

In situ tape archive migration

Viz One 5.6 includes the capability of ingesting files in situ from an existing tape archive without moving or calling-back the files. This enables ingest of an existing Front Porch Digital DIVArchive or SGL Flashnet archive without having to wait the traditional weeks or months to restore and re-archive.

Automatic scene-based archiving and improved retention logic

Viz One 5.6’s archiving logic supports automatic scene-based archiving, where the most valuable properties of an asset can be stored long-term. This is an efficient way of retaining the interesting content based and scene ratings. The standard retention instructions now include several new configuration options.

Audio dubbing and subtitling workflow

Viz One 5.6 offers audio dubbing support that covers an entire end-to-end dubbing workflow. Transmission packages can now automatically render side-car subtitle files that reflect break segmentation performed in the package.

Tasks API

Enables keyword-based tasks to be controlled via the Viz One API.

Baton QC

The integration now supports Baton 5.3 and has been extended to support the single server version of Baton QC.

Installation Notes

Viz One is installed by trained Vizrt staff. For a quote, contact Vizrt Sales.


Extensive documentation is delivered with Viz One, covering:

  • Viz One APIs usage and examples
  • An Administrator’s Guide
  • A User’s Guide for Studio.

About Viz One

Viz One manages all your content in a central repository. Staff can produce video files for broadcast, mobile, and web in one seamless workflow - with access from their standard PC or Mac desktops. For more information see the Viz One product page.