Viz Pilot 5.7.4

Viz Pilot 5.7.4 is a maintenance release and is recommended as an update to previous installations.


Important Notes

  • Depending on the number of entries in the PLAKAT_DATA table, an upgrade to database schema 5.7.4 might take a long time.
  • Due to Oracle bug 3807408, you may get ORA-12560 errors even if the listener.ora and sqlnet.ora files are properly configured if you are using a version of the Oracle Client older than
  • Templates using the TTWImageInf component that are created in VCP 5.7 will not work in older versions of VCP
  • Support for Viz Video Hub (VVH) has been ended. Any VVH installs need to be upgraded to Viz One.
  • As the Crop Service is now a 64-bit application, it must be installed on a 64-bit version of Windows.
  • Because of the split of Crop Service into its own process, the value of the VCP parameter crop_service_uri MUST be changed if this service is used.
  • After upgrading to VCP 5.7 some customers have experienced the default text in the templates change. The text components in the templates start showing old text that was originally in the control text fields when the Template Wizard created the templates. There is a manual tool for fixing this on the database. Please contact Vizrt Support for more information.



  • Fixed a bug that made selecting from Viz not work the first time.
  • On Windows installations with a multi-byte character set, some templates can't be opened.
  • Opening templates and data elements now does not leak memory.
Newsroom Component
  • The Timeline Editor now accepts video assets with missing or broken self links.
  • It's now possible to resize the columns in the data element list view.
  • Using an image control to select materials from a Viz Engine now also works when using a comma-separated list of hosts in the VCP parameter ax_preview_host.
Viz Pilot
  • When rearranging stories in some newsroom systems while the corresponding MOS playlist is open and active in VCP, VCP sometimes doesn't honor the filter setting on the playlist
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused an error while downloading thumbnails for dataelements based on templates with 'live update' checked.
  • On Windows installations with a multi-byte character set, some templates can't be imported.
  • The macro command channelcontrol:get_preview_channel now returns the name of the configured preview channel as expected.
Template Wizard
  • Fixed a bug that caused decimal values to be set incorrectly on templates if the decimal separator locally on the computer was different from the decimal separator used in the template XML.
  • Fixed a bug that caused fields linked to control objects that where not in any of the dependency scenes of the template to disappear or show up incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused a template's control scenes to be renamed after preview.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the layer name in single layer TL templates to have the wrong name.
  • Fixed error when opening certain templates which contain non-ASCII characters.
Viz Pilot Database
  • Fixed a problem with a trigger that created invalid xml in the database for data elements with a table control object.
  • Added rebuild of indexes that was 'unusable' after upgrade to 5.7.3 schema.
  • Fixed encoding issues related to playlist names.
  • Improved handling of special characters in playlist names during import.
Known Issues
  • When importing templates, if an exported template has more than one concept and the user selects an alternative concept during the import process the import will fail with a database constraint violation. To work around this make sure that the exported template only has one concept if you want to use the alternative concept functionality, or use Template Manager to change the concepts after a normal import.
  • Open XML filler in a playlist with japanese name will display.
  • Access violation when save to file without an open template in Template Wizard.
  • When saving playlists to name some characters, such as korean will show up as question marks.
  • Cleanup/Playout buttons in the playlist are enabled even if no viz engine is connected.
  • When clicking an image component in a template opened in Viz Content Pilot, the RequiredKeywordMode RequireOne is interpreted as RequireAll.


Installation Files and Documentation