Datapool 2.13.1

Datapool 2.13.1 is a maintenance release and is recommended as an update to previous installations.


New Features

  • 64 bit support: DataPool supports now both 32 and 64 bit.
  • DataReader: New plugin for reading data from different sources (XML, SQL, Excel, JSON).
  • DataMaterial: The plugin now replaces spaces in the incoming value by underscores ('_').
  • DataPool: The scene plugin has now a new button that allows for reading the .dp config files while Viz is running.
  • DP config files: The configuration files can be installed in multiple folders.  These folders are specified as a path by a variable called ConfigurationFolders in the DataPool.ini file.
  • DP config files: Implemented comments in the config (.dp) file.  The commented line should start with '#'.
  • Text Conversion Tables: The conversion tables are now read from multiple files.  A path can be defined.  DataPool scans the folders in the path, searches for files names as DP_ConvTables*.csv and reads them.
  • DataParameter: Added two new options (Script and Scene Script) to control the parameters of such plugins.

Bug Fixes

  • DataNumber: Fixed the update of big numbers.
  • All the plugins: Fixed a bug that made Viz crash in the case where the field name contained the string $(SCENE).
  • DataKeyTime: The plugin used to limit the name of the director to 20 characters.
  • DataTime: The Day Names translation did not support the RELDAYNAME field.
  • DataCountDown: The plugin did count 00:00 twice when counting backwards.
  • DataStructure: Fixed an Viz crash when deleting top level DataStructure.
  • DataStructure: Fixed an Viz crash when adding a DataStructure to a container already containing a DataObject plugin.
  • DataStructure: Copying of one DataStructure's data to another didn't work.
  • All the plugins: Fixed a situation in which duplicating a container with DataPool plugins and renaming the field name, the renaming would not take place.
  • DataObjectTracker: The visibility option now takes into account the culling and alpha values.
  • DataLink: The link command used to get confused when it contained leading or trailing spaces.


Installation Files and Documentation