Viz Arena 4.2.0

Vizrt are pleased to announce the release of Viz Arena 4.2.0. We strongly recommend to upgrade to this latest version as soon as possible.

Viz Arena 4.2.0 is a minor release with new features. Please refer to the What's New in Viz Arena 4.2.0 document and the Viz Arena User and Administrator Guides for additional information on the added features.

New Sports

  • Added Basketball.

Downstream/Multilateral Feed Processing for Studios

  • Added cut detection on input stream.
  • Added (user configurable delayed) SDI output, including embedded Audio throughput to Viz Engine, for quality control buffer.
  • Added user interface extension to provide information on cut detection and calibration tracking status.
  • Added user interaction for quality control (discard wrong detections, redetect calibration including catch up to last cut).
  • Added functionality for dirty signal handling using a static mask as a stencil on Viz Engine.
  • Added support for embedded audio loop through.

Production Integration

  • Supporting SDI-only or non-EVS workflows.
  • Option to generate artificial time-codes for input signal.

Advertisement Support

  • Automatic or manual advertisement placement.
  • Advertisement container selection.

Camera Tracking

  • Added flash detection of video signal for camera tracking stabilization.

Arena Control Application Improvements

  • Bookmark editor fully functional.
  • Player name editor fully functional.
  • Improved user feedback when calibration can be edited.
  • Overlay drawings cover full video screen.
  • Settings stored per project.
  • Clean up of configuration dialog.
  • Added possibility to take a screenshot of the currently displayed video image.

New/Improved Annotations/Effects

  • Added flags effect for Tennis.
  • Visually separated replay and live effect buttons.
  • Option to freeze video when placing certain effects.
  • Improved stop frame handling with Offside line (accidentally taking on air).

Viz Engine Integration

  • Support for OEM dongles.
  • Improved video/tracking synchronization stability.
  • User configurable coordinate unit selection (meter/centimeter/feet/yard/inch).
  • User configurable input channel selection.
  • Option to clear layers when connecting to a Viz Engine.

Fixed Issues from Previous Versions

The following bugs have been fixed compared to previous versions of Viz Arena:

  • Speed up of calibration detection.
  • Added entries of camera database use position of handset reference points.
  • Improved calibration detection reliability for Tennis.
  • Improved calibration 'catch up' after detection.
  • Improved application performance and calibration output stability.
  • Improved calibration tracking quality, especially for fast camera movements.
  • Improved calibration tracking quality when shuttling the video.
  • Improved application stability for weak SDI input signals.
  • Improved application stability when re-connecting with the Calibration Engine.
  • Improved handling of camera changes.
  • Application did unexpectedly terminate when the SDI input signal had no embedded time-code.
  • Viz Engine initialization commands were potentially sent too early.
  • Changing focal length of calibration using mouse wheel also works when moving mouse outside video screen.
  • Camera preview buttons have same name as in the Prepare App.
  • Setup pane had wrong toolbar icon.
  • Chroma keying slider position was not always correctly set.
  • Chroma keying on the Viz Engine did not work correctly when not all of the cameras were set up correctly.

Viz Engine Compatibility

  • Viz Arena 4.2.0 has been tested and is compatible in most functionality to Viz Engine 3.7.0 (official release).
  • To use the Dirty Feed Stencil Mask feature, at least a pre-release of Viz Engine 3.7.1 is required, which can be obtained together with Viz Arena 4.2 (VizArtist. The official release of Viz Engine 3.7.1 (expected early 2015) is expected to support all features of Viz Arena 4.2.
  • Integration with Viz Engine needs to be set up and configured as detailed in the Viz Arena Administrator Guide.


Installation Notes for Windows7/x64

To install Viz Arena 4.2.0 on Win7/x64 systems the following items are required:

  • The Viz Arena 4.2.0 installation file (VizArena-

  • The Viz Libero Application Data update file (VizLibero.ApplicationData.20141121.msi)

  • The Bluefish Driver (

To access the installation files, please contact your Vizrt Sports sales representative. You will be provided with credentials to access the download area.

For full details on the installation procedure, driver requirements, and project compatibility, see the Viz Arena 4.2.0 Release Notes .

For a product overview, see What's New in Viz Arena 4.2.0 .