Viz Artist/Engine 3.7.1

Vizrt are pleased to announce the release of Viz Artist/Engine 3.7.1. We strongly recommend to upgrade to this latest version as soon as possible.

New Features

  • Support for AJA IO4K.

  • Support for Nvidia K2200, K4200 and K5200.

  • TDIR (Time Delay/Instant Replay) support (Growing-file Support) for Matrox clip-player in combination with files transferred by MediaFTP.

  • Support for Adobe After Effects (CC versions) file import.

  • Viz Artist™ / Viz Engine™ now fully UAC compliant.

  • Zero-Frame-Delay mixer, which allows graphics to be on top of video with minimum delay. Accessible under 'Scene Settings > Media Asset > Global Settings'.

  • Combined 'Fill and Key' snapshot functionality (compositor snapshots).

  • Clip player can now read and playback VBI information from a separate clip file, stored with the main clip.

  • DVE transformations can be set with absolute (pixel) values.

  • GFX channel cameras can now be controlled separately.

  • Introduced a switch to render the DVE aspect ratio, of a GFX channel, correct or distorted.

  • 'Check for Background Loading', has been added to the file context menu, which gives feedback in a dialog if the file is background loading compatible.

  • 'Holdout Matte' in the Virtual Set editor can now be set.

  • User can set an offset in the grid editor.

  • GFX channel scene instances are accessible as soon as they are loaded through a GFX port.

  • New possibility to change input delay with active FastTextureMode.

  • Allow ProRes codec in MATROX_MOV containers, for UHD and 4K resolutions in the Matrox post render plugin.

  • Viz One Browser is now also available in the Control Video plugin.


Bug Fixes

  • Stage Editor: Deleting multi selected elements could have resulted in an error dialog saying 'invalid parameter DELETE_ENTRY!' and stopped the deletion process.

  • Plugin Editors: Drop down lists are now updated correctly, if data inside the list changes during run time.

  • Plugin Editors: Undo/Redo functionality is now working for all parameters.

  • Scene Settings: In the Media Asset tab, under certain circumstances, the content of the parameters was not updated when switching between different Media Assets in the Media Asset Manager.

  • Tree Editor: Undo/Redo functionality now works for all operations.

  • Text Editor: Fixed multi selecting containers with text, synchronized the content in some cases.

  • Text Editor: Full unicode support. Languages without windows codepages did not work before in the VizGui text editor. The IME editor was not affected by this.

  • Scene Editor Grid changes were not reflected in the Grid UI.

  • Fixed a performance issues with shadow receivers.

  • Fixed image blending issues which occurred in conjunction with compressed images.

  • Corrected positioning of background-loaded objects.

  • Director length could have been calculated wrong if key frames were repositioned by plugins or scripts.

  • Fixed several chroma keyer picking issues.

  • Softclip was ignored when creating a snapshot.

  • Cutout resolution was not working properly for UHD video walls.

  • Loading scenes containing GFX channels could have caused a performance decrease.

  • Faulty scripts could prevent a Scene from loading successfully.

  • Fixed alpha blending issues in texture editor.

  • ControlClock now provides the correct setting information to the client.

  • Quality and FPS settings in the post-renderer are now updated in the VizArtist GUI, after they are changed in the compression settings dialog of the codec.

  • For full details and known issues, see the Viz Artist/Engine 3.7.1 Release Notes .


Installation Files, Notes and Documentation

For full details, installation notes and known issues, see the Viz Artist/Engine 3.7.1 Release Notes .

Download the installers from  the ftp under /products/VizEngine3x/Latest Individual Installers folder.

For documentation, visit our Documentation Center,  including Viz Artist 3.7 and Viz Engine 3.7  Documentation.