Viz One 5.7

Vizrt is pleased to announce the release of Viz One 5.7, delivering significant video editing enhancements, production house collaboration and a simplified upgrade.

Major New Features and Changes

  • HTML Video Player
  • MXF AS-11 and DPP Support
  • System Self Check

HTML Video Player

Desktop tools are moving into browsers and becoming web applications, offering ease of access and ease of maintenance. From its inception, the main interface into Vizrt's MAM has always been a web app, precisely for these reasons.  However, video on the web has generally suffered fragmented support in the past, requiring Flash or other plugins. We have chosen to handle video-intense applications as desktop applications.

With advent of HTML video, we are pleased to now provide a great user experience for previewing and editing video - built from standard components - directly in our main web application. HTML video delivers exceptional performance and HW acceleration, along with important factors like robustness and long term support. With first impressions, you have a standard web player, closer examination reveals many power user features for video production. Our frame-accurate player provides a timecode display, fast scrubbing and instant preview. Scrubbing is in either direction, or you can just position your mouse on the timeline to preview a location.  You now have a player that emulates an NLE. In addition, you can do straight-cut editing and keyboard shortcuts assist frame-by-frame navigation.

Summary of benefits:

  • Based on HTML video
  • Frame-accurate
  • Keyboard shortcuts include frame seeking
  • Instant preview
  • Fast scrubbing
  • SMPTE timecode display

These features are enabled thanks to a new proxy (browse copy, lowered-resolution) format optimized for HTML Video. This new format delivers frame-accurate seeking and editing, optimized for Studio's HTML Video Player and is now the default standard. Customers can choose to convert existing proxies to this improved variant using utility scripts that are included in this version of Viz One. However, older proxy formats are still available and supported.

MXF AS-11 and DPP Support

What separates an asset from a file - is that you know more about an asset. That knowledge is the metadata. Media Asset Management is about metadata - without metadata there are no assets, just a collection of files. The AS-11 DPP metadata schema and the MXF AS-11 standard for contribution, means that broadcasters can exchange assets - not just files. Viz One now recognises and manages AS-11 DPP metadata, handling any metadata field in an MXF. This adds value when exchanging assets. We have upgraded  the UI for metadata mapping rules in Viz One's management tool, simplifying control of mappings both to and from AS-11 DPP metadata.

Summary of benefits:

  • Semi-automated file import, including simple drag and drop import.
  • Write data
  • Export and write data
  • Export to playout and write data
  • Read segmentation data
  • Write segmentation list
  • Read active format description

System Self-check

A primary focus at the last major release of Viz One was solid improvements to upgradability. With this release, we continue to improve the upgrade experience with a smart system self-check tool that entirely automates the first step of a system upgrade. System self-check reveals all local changes in software modules, database schema, and configurations when compared to a Viz One factory-installed standard.

Summary of benefits:

  • Dramatically enhance consistency, execution time and quality of an upgrade

Installation Notes

Viz One is installed by trained Vizrt staff. For a quote, please contact Vizrt Sales.


Extensive documentation is delivered with Viz One, covering:

  • Viz One APIs usage and examples
  • An Administrator’s Guide
  • A User’s Guide for Studio.

About Viz One

Viz One manages all your content in a central repository. Staff can produce video files for broadcast, mobile, and web in one seamless workflow - with access from their standard PC or Mac desktops. For more information see the Viz One product page.