Viz World 15.0

Viz World 15.0 is now released and includes new features and data improvements.

New Features

  • Installer: 64 bit version has become official, and new bundled installer to install both 64 and 32 bit versions.
  • World Maps Editor (WME): Kml loading/uploading from file, save maps to clipboard, major performance improvements, safe areas.
  • Design Style Editor: New application to manage available styles of details. Allows to define new families and styles within them as well as change default styles to use.
  • Map Builder: WME++ and Design Client embedded in builder.
  • New Plugins: Geo Data Reader.
  • New Lab Plugins: 3DLineTracer, Distance to line, First look, VWBReader.
  • Server: Street data - Automatic re-scan on each server restart.
  • Improvements to Label&Go, Atlas, 3DLines, GeoChart.
  • Viz World Classic: New installer combines both Classic and Server.


Data Improvements:

  • New disputed regions for: Apkhazeti, South Ossetia and Halaib Triangle.
  • Fixed disputed borders for Kashmir, Arunachal Pradesh and Western Guyana.
  • Fixed database offset in Taiwan and South Japan.
  • Coastline and internal borders improved.
  • Border fix in Northern Syria.
  • Amendments to 1st order administrative divisions of Russian Federation, Philippines and Cambodia.
  • Romanization of names in Bulgaria, following BGN/PCGN adoption of official Bulgarian romanization system.
  • Updates to names in Russian administrative divisions of Kamchatskiy Kray and Sakhalinskaya Oblast'.
  • Russian names added as alternatives to features in Crimea.
  • Over 450 names updated in Afghanistan.


Installation Files, Notes and Documentation